Monday, August 21, 2017

Class Politics not Identity Politics

40,000 working people diverse in race and gender and age and sexual orientation unite to march against Nazis in Boston. 

Statement from Facts For Working people Blog. 

Since this Blog was established it has stood for Class Politics not Identity Politics. We have explained that the US working class is more diverse than ever before, because the development of US capitalism over the past century has integrated the working class as never before. We have explained that the task is to unite the working class and assist the working class to become conscious of itself as a class and as a class for itself. The only way the special oppression of minorities and women will be ended is by ending capitalism and this can only be done by a united working class. The authors on this blog agree with Malcolm X when he said that "you can't have capitalism without racism." This can only mean that you can't end racism without ending capitalism and capitalism can only be ended by a united working class.

Identity politics divides the working class and weakens it in its struggle to end capitalism and end the special oppression of all minorities and women.

Below are links to articles which make up a partial body of work from this Blog which explains our position on this issue. 

A few comments on Politics, history and class.
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Kevin Brooke Hudson said...

This is the second time I've attempted to read an article on your site. I can't read it because there is a photo splashed across the entirety of the first paragraph. I can see text around the edges, and part of the second paragraph. Earlier this week, I experienced the same thing only there were multiple images covering text all the way down the page. No way to X the images out...

Richard Mellor said...

Kevin I do not see that and no other person has mentioned it despite the piece have many views. I am not sure what to do or say.