Help open The AFL-CIO AIFLD Archives

We created this page to store and provide access to all and any documents, letters or resolutions that are in support of the call initiated by the Duluth Labor Body for the AFL-CIO to allow archivists at the University of Maryland to open the archives on AIFLD that are kept there. Many workers and union members and officials may not know that AIFLD was the acronym for the American Institute for Free Labor Development formed in 1961.  It is widely held that the CIA used the AFL-CIO's AIFLD to undermine trade union formations abroad that undermined the interests of US corporate interests. Both Walter Reuther and his brother Victor, criticized AIFLD. Victor Reuther denounced the AFL-CIO's "cloak and dagger operations" and his brother Walter Reuther also criticized the AFL-CIO's expansion of international affairs in league with the US government. AIFLD was merged with three other departments in 1995 by AFL-CIO president John Sweeney.

October 2017


Duluth Labor Body resolution calling on the AFL-CIO to allow archivists at the University of Maryland to open new American Institute for Free Labor Development records.

Article(1) Duluth Labor Body Paper article on Resolution to release archives.
(2) Facts For Working People copy.

Cross-Border Labor Organizing in the Garment and Automobile Industries: The Phillips Van-Heusen and Ford Cuautitlan Cases

November 2017
Hammer/Pearlman Assassination

Endorsement of Resolution by OCAP 
Endorsement by DSA Chicago Labor Body
Afscme Local 444 Endorses Duluth Resolution to open AIFLD  Files

Declassified CIA Files on Victor Reuther's challenge to AIFLD in the 1960s.  They were keeping a close eye on him 

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