Monday, January 16, 2017

A few comments on Politics, history and class.

These are just a few thoughts I have wanted to share and haven't written about due to restrictions. We are always told its not good to discuss politics. But that's a lie. It's crucial to discuss politics. We can come to understand the world if we discuss politics. But it's important to have a class perspective on things. Discuss the world around us with our own class interests and needs front and center. Politics and history are exiting to discuss when we do that. History become exciting then, as opposed to when we talk about the stale drab history of the ruling class and their world. Politics can help us understand where we're at in history, how we got here and where we should be going if we want to survive as a species. It's good stuff.

Workers that follow Facts For Working People and who read our perspective on things regularly please take the time to share your thoughts or views with us by commenting or send us an e mail.  We are not experts but we have lived a life and our lives have been like millions of others, work and survival. We welcome constructive criticism. We are socialists and are committed to building a democratic socialist world. Capitalism cannot be reformed, it cannot solve the catastrophic environmental and social destruction that lies ahead----it is the cause of it. And it is the working class and only the international working class that can change society, no one or group can do it for us.

Also, as we have mentioned previously and in this short video clip. We have what we refer to as a workers' Think Tank. The capitalist class has hundreds of them. We all know that what management at work is doing in their meetings that they have on company time is discussing how to get more out of us. We must do the same with different goals of course.  Some of us have had years of experience as union activists in the workplace as rank and file union activists, not paid bureaucracts. If you want to discuss issues you have dealing with the boss or the struggle to change the union we can discuss these important issues as well.

If you are interested in coming in on our weekly conference calls and also enriching them hopefully, send us an e mail at the address to the right and we'll talk about that.

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