Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Charlottesville and Trump's racism and lies.

Fascists scream their hatred in Charlottesville.
Sean O'Torain.

The Predator in Chief Trump carries on. Tramping on all the institutions and myths that US capitalism has put in place to allow it to rule through their so called democratic system. He drags out the truth that Washington and co, the fathers of the nation were slave owners. (according to US capitalist myth there were no mothers involved in the founding of the nation). The US capitalist class want to try and forget that the founders were slave owners. But Trump to cover his own a.. drags it out. This weakens the authority of the capitalist class.

Trump also vilifies the courts which keep capitalism safe. He vilifies the capitalist media which censors events and history to keep people supporting capitalism. He is well on the way to wrecking the Republican Party one of the two major parties of capitalism. The US ruling class has a real problem on their hands. As the authors of this Blog have said for the past years, US capitalism is in an economic, a military and political crisis. A new economic collapse lies ahead. As does the breaking of the US military as it is unable to win its wars in the Middle East.

The political crisis has come much faster and is much deeper than we thought due to Trump being elected President. And we have not seen the half of it yet. Wait till his illegal financial and other dealings with the Russian capitalist regime and other former Soviet regimes are exposed. US capitalism is in a severe political crisis.

The little man in North Korea is laughing at the US as its ruling elite fight amongst themselves. The authors of this Blog thought that a war with North Korea was very very unlikely. We think this is even more the case now given the weakening of Trump and the fragmentation of the capitalist political parties and organizations in Washington. But true to form, US capitalism is not using North Korea's step back, what the Wall Street Journal refers to as a climbdown, from it's threat to attack the US colony and military base of Guam to open the door to better relations. American forces are expected to begin joint military exercises with South Korea next week which is sure to return the situation to normalcy for US imperialism as this is one of the main issues for North Korea. The North has repeatedly raised these exercises as intimidation and threats and they are a major obstacle to a more stable relationship.

It is hardly worth talking about the Democratic Party. Paralyzed by its absolute commitment to capitalism and its institutions it is unable to bring Trump down. Like the capitalist media and increasingly sections of the Republican Party, it tries to criticize Trump by appealing to the sanitized version of history that US capitalism serves up. Trump will not be defeated this way. In the last analysis he is not that much different from the rest of the capitalist class - addicted to profit and power, racist, sexist, and seeks to rule the world.

US allies internationally are condemning Trump for his statements on Charlottesville. US authority around the world is collapsing by the hour. Like the dominant sections of the US capitalist class itself, we find it very hard to see how US capitalism is going to get out of this mess. The resignation of CEO's from the American Manufacturing Council shows a move away from Trump by some of the big capitalists. But they are putting forward no alternative. Just jumping ship. When what is necessary from the capitalist class's point of view is somebody else to take the wheel of the ship.

We have not heard yet from the slimy cowardly McConnell, the leader of the Republicans in the Senate. His spouse is in the Trump cabinet. She is an Asian American. She stood by Trump's side as he said the anti fascist forces were as bad as the fascist forces in Charlottesville. There would be no place for her in the fascists' America. Yet she stands there with a grin pasted to her face. Two others of the Trump regime stood by Trump as he equated the fascists with those who were opposing them. They were from a Jewish background. There would be no place for them either in the fascists' America. It is staggering to see how low these people will stoop to keep their positions and their snouts in the trough. Trump's daughter's husband is Jewish and she herself has converted to the Jewish religion. Amongst the chants of the fascists at Charlottesville was one where they said they wanted a man who would not give his daughter to a Jew. Trump does not hate Jewish people enough for them. Then there is the gender issue. According to them, Trump 'gives' his daughter to her husband. What an utterly backward bunch.

Trump's Effort To Make It An Issue Of Violence.

Trump is trying to make the events in Charlottesville an issue of violence or not violence. Trying to confuse people in this way. I was in a coffee shop yesterday and saw a lady I had spoken with a few times. She is very opposed to Trump. But she was a little confused. She asked me what did I think about what Trump said that there was violence on both sides. Was there not she said. She said she was against violence. I responded.

My friend you have spoken to me many times about your little grand daughter. And that if anybody hurt or abused her you would kill them with your bare hands. So you are not against violence. She then agreed. I pointed out that it was not violence that was the issue. It was to what end the violence was used. The fascists, the Nazis, why do people persist in calling them neo-Nazis, they are Nazis, they use violence to try and put in place a regime which would slaughter and/or drive into second place all but white Christian males. The anti-fascist forces use violence to stop such a development and instead to build a society where all people whatever race, religion, gender are treated equally. It is not a question of violence it is a question of to what end the violence is used.

Trump's performance yesterday gave a huge boost to white racists and fascists. This was shown by the thanks he got in statements from Spencer the fascist and Duke of the KKK. And it was no accident that when Trump was not sticking to the script written for him by his handlers as he had done in his previous statement on Charlottesville, he did not condemn the KKK. Yesterday Trump was being Trump. When he was being himself Trump did not condemn the KKK. He did not do so for two reasons. One is if he had done so he would have been condemning his father who was in the KKK. Daddy Trump was arrested in 1927 in New York city as part of a KKK mob fighting the cops. It would not do to criticize daddy. The other reason he did not condemn the KKK was that he does not actually condemn the KKK. Like the KKK Trump is a racist through and through. He does not need the racist Bannon to make him one.

There are 14 million members in the trade unions. They have to act.

I see that Trumka president of the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Unions (AFL-CIO) has resigned from Trump's American Manufacturing Council. As has his deputy chief of Staff. Of course, true to form he waited for some Chief Executive Officer's of major companies to resign first, waited for these bosses to give him cover. He and the AFL-CIO should never have been on this council in the first place. It was just a continuation of the so-called Team Concept where the union leaders advise the bosses how to better compete with other companies and of course central to this, agree to cut the wages and benefits of their own members. In his statement of resignation Trump never mentioned that the racism and the ideas of the Fascists, the Nazis, the KKK were ideas that divided the working class and weakened the working class. It was the statement of a liberal. Not the statement of a workers' leader.

Instead of being on this council of Trump, Trumka and the leaders of the 14 million strong trade union movement should have taken the following action: called meetings of all the union leaderships, from this call meetings of all the union movement, that is union conferences, regional conferences. labor councils, locals and meetings on the shop floor of every organized workplace. Explain the danger of fascism and racism and sexism to the working class, how these divide and weaken the working class. And from these organize to mobilize the union membership on to the streets to stop the fascists and the KKK and the likes. It is a disgrace, a betrayal, that the youth and anti fascist forces are let to fight alone. It is a disgrace that the young woman Heather was murdered when this could have been prevented if the trade union leadership had mobilized its forces. Along with this any member of an Fascist organization who is also a member of a union should be expelled from that union. Should be given a choice. Either the union or the fascist organization.

For working class unity. Against racism, fascism, nazism, sexism, all of which divide and weaken the working class.

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