Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Bannon speaks through Trump. Points to Opponents Hypocrisy.

The above is a short clip of Trump’s press conference today. In it he returns to his previous position in the aftermath of the Charlottesville events that both sides are to blame. If we watch this closely, it is obvious that behind these comments is Steve Bannon his advisor and leading fascist theoretician in the White House.

With Trump as his mouthpiece, Bannon is appealing to the Nazi’s, fascists, KKK and other racist and white supremacist groups. Trump points mockingly to the hypocritical stance of his detractors among the US capitalist class who are attacking him on the basis of “American Values”.

He points a finger at them, what about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, these were both slaveowners, should their statues come down? On cue from Bannon he attacks the corporate executives who have resigned from a manufacturing panel he convened as “grandstanders who are easily replaced. After some CEO’s resigned, Richard Trumka head of the AFL-CIO who shouldn’t be on the panel anyway announces to the media,“We cannot sit on a council for a President who tolerates bigotry and domestic terrorism,” Well they pretty much all support that. What a toady Trumka is, begging the heads of US manufacturing, the steel and auto industries and the Predator in Chief for some crumbs from the 1%’s table, arguing for protectionist measures that weaken US workers and the working class internationally.

No matter what Trump says he is a completely degenerate individual and no friend of working people and we condemn him unconditionally. Trump’s father was arrested for his connections to the KKK and as a slumlord there is a long record of him discriminating against workers, the poor and people of color. He was endorsed by the KKK and the Nazi’s during his campaign and never disavowed them. In this battle between the ruling class in this country workers have no side. Trump’s criticism of the established bourgeois puts them in a bind. Trump, but particularly his mentor Bannon know that his detractors are on shaky ground.

In his criticism Trump calls them out for their hypocrisy and portrays himself as the true champion of American Values supporting workers and jobs at home. But what are these so-called “American Values” that the politicians and corporate heads throw out when it suits them?

The first one that comes to mind is the savagery and genocidal war against the Native population. Then there is African slavery and a system of apartheid that existed in the Southern states that is being revived by Trump and his allies today-----the millions of Europeans in textile mills, mines and factories, whose children worked alongside them. Genocide, slavery, indentured servitude and in the imperialist era nuclear attacks on civilian urban centers.

The turning of North Korea in to a wasteland, whose cities were wiped out by 24 hour bombing, Vietnam, three million dead and chemical warfare, and a generation of young American workers lost. Cambodia 600,000 dead, Laos. This devastation is the result of American capitalists and their values.

Poor social services, poor health care, homelessness, inequality, declining living standards and mass poverty these are American (capitalist) values. Workers have no allies in this battle. Elizabeth Warren and the liberal wing of the US capitalist class are hypocrites. We counterpose their American values with the values of the working class and all oppressed peoples; cooperation, solidarity, productive labor and a respect of nature.

For and end to capitalism and a democratic socialist world.

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