Monday, July 10, 2017

Grenfell Tower Wasn't on the Agenda in Hamburg


Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

And why is she "not from here" as she says? She is originally from a country that has a long proud history of civilization, much longer than Britain. The present leaders of her country of origin are a product of imperialist intervention there. British capitalism owned and prospered from that important raw material they have called oil. When a secular democratic government in Iran wanted to take possession of that resource which one would assume is the right of a sovereign nation, British capitalism implored its more powerful ally, US capitalism, to put a stop to it. US capitalism, now in decay and more dangerous as a result of it, but at the time the heir to Britain as the dominant world power, got rid of this rising secular democratic somewhat nationalist regime and installed a murderous dictator who banned all political parties and slaughtered and tortured opponents. He bought lots of weapons and made many western investors quite rich. The US also overthrew the democratically elected government of Guatemala in the same year orchestrated by the same nasty characters, the Dulles brothers.

But the answer to her question as to why were there no alarms, no fire extinguishers, no sprinklers or why did people cram people in to such a building as Grenfell Tower, is one many people ask about why things happen. The answer is fairly simple, the system demands it. Capitalism demands it as in the interests of profits and the enrichment of a few, millions have to suffer, millions have to experience a miserable existence. Workers are forced to combat the effects of this system when our backs are against the wall, when we have no alternative but to fight back. This is not so much due to a theoretical understanding of the forces at work but sheer survival. In struggle though, we learn.

But coming to understand that ta ragedy like Grenfell Tower is a natural product of the way society is organized is the first step for putting a stop to it. Capitalism will no more stop this than the a repeat of the collapsed factory in Bangladesh that murdered some 1000 people, the factory that is one of the main sources of the Wal Mart heirs' millions.

And in this social organization there are those who prosper greatly from it and maintain it. They are behind a development like Grenfell Tower, the Bangladesh disaster, Katrina, pollution of the oceans, regional catastrophic wars that drive people like the woman in the video or a Mexican peasant to leave their homeland. In their employ there are thousands of functionaries in media, as politicians, experts, academics, managers of people etc. who carry out these system driven polices that led to Grenfell Tower.

The main leaders of this group met in Hamburg this week. They met to discuss how best they can come together, how they can avoid internal conflict like Hyena's at a kill so they can govern the world in which we live in a way that continues to enrich them no matter what the cost to the rest of humanity and the natural world. They are very short sighted; they have kids too.

We outnumber them. We have the power to put a stop to their way of doing things and build a new way. They know this, which is why they turn us against one another, immigrant against native born, black against white Catholic against Protestant etc. and at all times, men against women.

As more of us like this woman understand the mechanics of this, how the system works, the politics and economics of it, and it has a historical progression, the side that opposes this exploitative and destructive relationship grows, the functionaries, the middle layer that do their bidding begin to waver, become unreliable servants of the masters of the universe and many will join us. The social divisions they use to divide become less of a barrier as working people begin to see that they are an obstacle to a way forward, to a secure and productive future. Unless they are breached, to no future at all. 

We start to think more as a class, the mask comes off.  Sometimes we learn the hard way through great suffering like this woman has experienced, sometimes it is easier but learn we do.

We'd better if we want the species to survive, if we want our children and grandchildren to have a future.

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