Sunday, July 9, 2017

G 20 meeting. The Big Picture.

Capitalism is presently blowing this part of the planet to bits. The rest will follow if capitalism remains.

Sean O'Torain. 

G 20: Gathering of crooks, gangsters, exploiters, planet destroyers.

The G20 was the meeting of the ruling classes of the world to figure out how to remain the ruling classes and to put the boot in the working classes. Because of the pro capitalist position of the leaders of the 200 million strong world wide trade union movement, the interests of the working class of the world were not represented at this meeting of crooks and gangsters and exploiters and planet destroyers.

Instead of leaving it up to the thousands of protesters at the G 20 the following should have been done. The workers’ organizations should have declared the G 20 meeting for what it was, what I state above. They should have then declared that this meeting of its enemies would not take place. They should have then made this happen by stopping all air and land transport to Hamburg, stopping all utility resources, electric, water, communications to the meeting. That is, stopped it from happening. At the same time the workers’ organizations should have called their own G 180 meeting, 180 is the approximate number of countries in the world, and at this meeting decided how the world should work in the interests of working people and not the crooks and gangsters and exploiters and planet destroyers that were represented in Hamburg. This is the big picture.

Of course to bring this necessary development about the pro capitalist leaders of the international trade union and labor movement have to be removed and replaced with a leadership and a mass movement of hundreds of millions dedicated to ending capitalism and building a democratic socialist world. This is the big picture.

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