Friday, January 20, 2017

The Only Way Racism Will be Ended in America.

by Sean Throne

Racism will never be rooted out in this country until there is an honest discussion on the following facts. The genocide of the Native American people and the stealing of their land. The violent forcing of African Americans to work for 300 years and never get paid a dime. The fact that for a time some European Americans were also slaves. The stealing of the land and the exploitation and discrimination against all Latino and Asian people. The extra exploitation of women.

That at the root of all of this is the role of the WASP ruling class as it slaughtered its way to power and its strategy of divide and rule. Divide and rule on the basis of race and gender. Any Truth and Reconciliation committee would have to approach this in this way. That is, to point the finger of blame at the ruling capitalist class, seek to undo the evils of the past and identify these as having their origins in capitalism and its strategy of divide and rule. 

And at the same time seek to change things and end racism and exploitation by uniting the working class against the capitalist class, ending capitalism and establishing a democratic socialist society.

Only a united working class can solve the problem.

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