Sunday, January 22, 2017

Head of dominant church of capitalism on Trump: "Wait and See."

Sean O'Torain.

Popes and Cardinals. Not a woman amongst them. 

It has over 1 billion members. It keeps these by all kinds of ruses and lies, promises of life after death, threats of burning in hell forever, great impressive buildings and music and art. It also supports capitalism and in turn capitalism supports it. Some people try to say that the present leader of this outfit criticizes capitalism. But this is not so. Read the fine print. He criticizes "unregulated" capitalism. A different thing altogether. Even some of the top capitalists themselves criticize unregulated capitalism. One even calls it capitalist fundamentalism.

I am of course talking about the man called Francis who is the undemocratic head of the Catholic church. He was not elected by its 1 billion plus members. Only a few cardinals. No women had a vote. Nor can women run for his position or be Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, that is full time organizers for this organization. This unelected man with his own undemocratic state in Rome has to say something about Trump being elected. What does he say?    "Wait and See." Of course he is not a women whom Trump boasts of assaulting. And of course he wants to keep cozied up To trump. After all Trump has power at least for now. Just like the Catholic church kept cozied up to the Nazis when they were in power in Germany. Just like Francis himself kept cozied up to the military dictatorship in his native Argentina when it was with the help of the USA slaughtering trade unionists and left wing activists. Putting them in helicopters and taking them out and dropping them into the ocean. 

Yes. Wait and see. We do not have to wait and see. Trump is a vicious capitalist politician. He will wreck havoc. He does not even accept climate change. He will accelerate the threat that capitalism represents to life on earth at this time. A threat from climate change, nuclear war, conventional war, drought, flooding etc. Undemocratic right wing male dominated outfits like the Catholic church are well past their sell by date.

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