Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A racist "Injustice" system is a career opportunity for some.

Note: I am so annoyed with myself as I forgot to mention one of the most important issue regarding the case I refer to in the video here, it contributed to the title. And that is that the Assistant DA who prosecuted my young friend is now a State Senator.

Richard Mellor *

The young person I mention in this video I had known most of his life. After his trial I lost touch with the family and only recently got in touch with them again. His mother passed away and as is usual he was not able to attend the funeral. This is common practice. I was reminded by a relative that he was tried by a "jury of is peers" that,  "Happened to be all white and had to have at least some degree of financial stability, to be able to serve as a juror for a period of time without losing their job." So both racial and class injustice is at play here.

Prisons are not correctional centers and those that work in them are nor correction officers. Prisons and the justice system are merely part of the processes of the warehousing of human beings.

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