Monday, December 14, 2015

More graphic evidence why the US is responsible for the rise of Islamic terrorism

by Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

Look at this picture for a while. Then think about an Iraqi, a Muslim, an Arab looking at this picture.  Then consider as we have mentioned a number of times in the past days since the San Bernardino shooting how angry, how bitter they must feel toward the invaders, those that have destroyed their country, killed a million or so people and driven hundreds of thousands more abroad. Better still, imagine the roles reversed and it is an American standing there posed and a brown skinned guy with a turban and beard in place of the American soldier and it was taking place in the US invaded as we were by a people who we never harmed or threatened.  We know what we would do.

These are the new pictures coming out of US torture in Iraq. It makes me angry and I'm not a Muslim or an Arab or an Iraqi. I am livid as an American, that the people that orchestrated this vile episode also call themselves American. They are mass murderers and torturers.  The American soldier in this picture has lost his humanity.

This type of torture and humiliation is not new. It has been going on in US prisons for a long time. Not simply in the male prisons but in the women's prisons where forced sterilization and rape has been the norm. Check here

You wonder why someone from a foreign land comes over here and kills innocent Americans willing to lose their own lives without fear?  The photo above explains it all. The most powerful armed nation state in history and its bribed partners are responsible for the rise in what is called international terrorism.  Check out this earlier blog entry.

What are people to do?  When I was young the IRA, who received a lot of their funds from Irish people in the US I might add, would plant bombs in pubs and areas that would hurt civilians.  How could they I thought?  They killed innocent people. I never have supported this method. But there was a reason this happened and there is a reason we are seeing what we are seeing in the Middle East and in Paris and London and it appears in San Bernardino, it has little to do with Islam as a religion or a natural hatred of the US or the American people.   We cannot travel to half of the countries in the world due to the actions of the murderers that run this government.

We cannot continue to sit idly by as US capitalism and the US ruling class inflicts the most barbaric savagery on the people's of the world in the interests of US corporations, there will be blowback. We should have all joined Cindy Sheehan in Texas.  We have to separate ourselves form the actions of our government and reject that it is our government. It's Wall Street's government.  It is this writer's opinion that our own military establishment executed Pat Tillman, the man they thought would be their poster boy for recruiting our young men and women in to their predatory wars.   But the strength and conviction that Tillman showed by giving up a lucrative career to serve in the military for "his country" is the same attribute that caused him to change his mind when he saw what he saw and didn't like it. He paid for that with his life. Don't let them obliterate Pat Tillman from history.

Terrorism has its roots in US and western foreign policy but US capitalism with the big stick is the driving force. It is a reflection of our apathy and resignation that we allow them to put the bust of the war criminal and mass murderer Dick Cheney in a public place, to represent us abroad.

If a child of mine had died in Iraq or Afghanistan I would be very sad and very mad, but my anger would not be directed at an Iraqi or Afghani, it would be directed where it belongs, the White House, Pentagon, the US Congress.

Pretend you're an Iraqi and take a good long look at that photo.

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