Friday, December 4, 2015

Is ISIS a Conspiracy?

ISIS fighters in Iraq. Source
In answer to the question: “Is ISIS” a conspiracy? Farooq Tariq, General Secretary of the Awami Worker’s Party in Pakistan answers.

Dear comrades,

ISIS is not a conspiracy. It is real thing. It is mass force in some areas. It is not just a reaction to imperialism but it is an action.

The Islamic State and other similar movements do not just react; they act according to their own agenda. They are political actors pursuing specific objectives. This organization has built a proto-state on a territory equivalent to that of Britain. It runs an administration; it has accumulated immense wealth (estimated at nearly $1.8 billion); it organizes the smuggling of oil and cotton. It conducts military operations on multiple fronts, it has recruited IT specialists of the highest level ... It is not a puppet! It is responsible for its acts –totally responsible for the attacks committed in so many places.

The emergence of jihadist forces does not flow automatically from imperialist domination; it is the combined product of many factors ranging from the bankruptcy of Arab (and European) left forces to the determination of the bourgeoisie in the region to have new counter-revolutionary forces to support their regional ambitions and combat the revolutionary upsurge in the Arab world. This is also true concerning the rise of religious fundamentalism in other parts of the world, including in countries that have experienced nothing comparable to the 2003 war, such as India (the Hindu far right), Burma (the Buddhist far right) or the United States (the Christian far right - powerful well before September 11, 2001 and very close to Bush).

This is the most serious threat the Left is facing now internationally. The bourgeoisie will use any terrorist action to strengthen their own grip on the state and more draconian laws will be imposed. The case of Paris is clear. The state of emergency is now supported by almost all parliamentary forces in France.

In the Pakistani case, after the terrorist attack on an Army Public School last year on 16 December, army courts have been established by approval of the army. Army have increased its influence in every field of life. Instead of attacking the right wing religious parties, social and progressive political activists are facing more threats not only from the non-state actors but also from the military establishments as well.

We are going through a very difficult period. It is right wing government with a right wing opposition along a very powerful military junta, who is gaining credibility among the working class because they are "doing" something.

Farooq Tariq

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