Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baltimore Curfew-Oppose it.

Sean O'Torain.

So now the people who run Baltimore, that is the mainly European American capitalist class and their armed bodies of men and women, have decided to impose a curfew on the city. That is to put it under martial law. We must not accept their words. We have to accept the reality. The organizers of this blog are completely against this curfew. Let us look at a few facts.

The reason for the violence in the city over the past days is the continued violence of the police, especially toward the young African American population. The violence of the police which is carried out to protect the elite of the city and its wealth, is what causes the violence. It is sickening to hear the calls for calm and peace from the various elites, the European American, the African American, the Latino. Where were they when the cops were killing people? They were not on the street calling for calm. They have no credibility. The young people taking to the streets and taking on the cops and National Guard are acting in self defense.

Let us look at a few other facts. The cops of the state of Maryland murdered 111 people between  2010 and 2014. Freddy Gray was the one hundred and eleventh killed by the cops. Where was Obama, where was the Baltimore mayor, where were the Baltimore preachers, where were all the media pundits, where were the cops when these murders were going on? They were either carrying out these murders of covering up for them.

Think about this. 111 people murdered. What action was taken? There was one action that was not taken. A state of emergency was not declared. They only declared a state of emergency when people began to fight back. There was no need for a state of emergency when the cops were getting away with killing people but there was the need for a state of emergency when young people began to throw a few rocks in self defense.

We are completely opposed to this state of emergency and curfew. Those who want to reduce the violence have a very simple solution. Stop calling on the youth to stop acting in self defense. Instead demand that the city authorities, the mayor, the cops hand over immediately all the information they have on the murder of Freddy gray. Put all this out in the mass media and social media, name the names of the cops involved. This would be a dramatic step to reducing the young and not so young peoples righteous rage.

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