Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Baltimore compared to Bundy Ranch.

Bundy Ranch. Armed sniper. State backs off. 

Baltimore. Cops murder Freddy Gray, brutalize protesters and declare martial law.

Sean O'Torain.

Last year the rancher Ted Bundy in Nevada confronted the Bureau of Land Management over twenty years of unpaid taxes. Hundreds of militia members came from around the country to support him. Most of these were armed and at least one had a sniper rifle which he trained on BLM officials. The response of the state was what? It backed down and took no action against these militias and Bundy. In the name of "public safety" it claimed.

Compare this with the action of the state in Ferguson and now Baltimore. In Ferguson it sent in full body armored cops and military vehicles and confronted the protesters who were demanding justice in the case of the unarmed young African American man who was shot and killed by a Feguson cop. Now we have Baltimore.

The cops in that city killed, murdered Freddy Gray. They have a long record of murdering young African American men. The cops have a specia, l so called, bill of rights which gives them nine days to get their story straight and cover their tracks. Naturally enough, thousands of Baltimore residents have taken to the streets to demand justice for Freddy Gray and an end to the police brutality and murder. Has the response been like the response at the Bundy ranch where the state pulled back in the "interest of public safety." Hardly.

Instead the state has mobilized the national Guard and brought in hundreds of cops from other cities and declared a curfew, in other words martial law. The US is a racist capitalist state. The claim that this state exists to protect the so called community is a lie. It exists to keep in place the present profit system and its private property and to do this it has to keep working people down. The fact that it keeps African American people down more than European American people or Hispanic American people or Native American or Asian American people is the tactic of divide and rule. When a small minority, the capitalist class rules and exploits the vast majority it has to divide that majority. That is why the repression falls with greater severity on minority populations. But make no mistake, the repression of the European American working class is a reality and will only get worse. It will not be long before the cops with full body armor are in the mainly European American suburbs and taking on the European American workers.

A note to remember on the Bundy's of the world. He whines about the land he owns and why he will not pay taxes. But that land was stolen by genocide from the Native American people.

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