Thursday, December 11, 2014

Congressional Staffers protest Grand Jury on Brown and Garner

Capital staffers walk out today
by Richard Mellor
 Afcme Local 444, retired

This blog suggested earlier that there is a bit of shift in the mood in the US in the wake of the continued assassinations of black men by the police.  The capitalist class is concerned as the protests are not going away.  In the case of the Eric Garner and Michael Brown murders the aftermath of the killings were as bad.  Brown's body was left for a long time in the street.  CNBC video shows that as Garner lay dying from being choked by a predatory cop's choke hold, it was as if he was a dying animal. Even when they EMT's get there they do nothing according to the video. A woman checks his pulse then they throw his body on to a gurney.

What reflects a growing concern among the 1% about the out of control militarized police forces is that both NBC and Daily News reporters in that video attacked the role of the police. This is extremely rare if it happens at all.  Also, the state is forced to question police tactics and is talking about a way to make them less confrontational.  I shared my views on the Brown killing and subsequent interview with the cop by George Stephanopoulos here.  After the Grand Jury "legitimized" the murder, Stephanopoulos felt very comfortable giving Darren Wilson a nice warm and friendly greeting.

Eric Garner can be heard complaining about the never ending harassment he has experienced by cops.  They accused him of selling illegal cigarettes, he died for that if that's what he was doing.  Imagine what sort of human being one must be to "f%*&ck with people like that when there's people like the crooks that run the venture capital firms, hedge fund outfits and others.  Pete Petersen, Schwarzman, all these thugs, "Masters of the Universe" their media calls them, destroyers of it is a more accurate term.

The problem is as I have pointed out before, the state has not beefed up its police arm providing it with military style weapons and vehicles without intending to use them. They are forced by the internal dynamics of the system to continue their war against US workers, middle class and the poorest among us and their increased internal militarization is in preparation for the social unrest that will result from it.  The recent developments including this walk out by Congressional Staffers in DC is causing some serious concern.  But as in all life, the actors on the stage are more often than not operating in conditions of our own choosing and the 1% is sliding down a road to further disaster, hopefully their own. The black population of this country will not take these assassination of black men and youth sitting down and all workers must join and support them in any way we can.  But the reality can be that, as Marx once said, their actions can lead to the ruin of both classes, us and them.  Or as we have pointed out here, if we do not build a movement that can end the dictatorship capital has over global society, especially ours, capitalism will destroy life as we know it on this planet.

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