Friday, April 20, 2012

99% takeover of Wells Fargo at shareholders meeting

Tuesday, April 24th at 10am
Meet at Justin Herman Plaza
Near the Embarcadero BART where Market St. ends at Steaurt
March to Merchants Exchange Building 465 California St.

Wells Fargo profits at the cost of our communities:
*America’s Biggest Tax Dodger – Hoarding billions of tax dollars that should be paying for public services and putting America back to work
*Leads in Foreclosure – Continuing to foreclose on families in an economy it helped to ruin
*Predatory Lender – Targeting those who can least afford it with exploitive mortgages and payday lending,especially low-income communities of color
*Corrupting our Democracy – Protecting its profits by quadrupling spending on lobbying since the financial crisis began
*Prison Profiteer – Profiting from increased incarceration by investing heavily in for-profit prison corporations and anti-immigrant legislation

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