Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vicious gang rape in South Africa nothing new.

My feeling is that if men were raped with such frequency there would be more done about it. This gang rape in South Africa is another savage example of this behavior.  Some 25% of South African men claim they have participated in a rape. No matter what authorities say, women throughout the world say the same thing, reporting a rape is a hell in its own right, that is why so few rapes that occur are reported at all.  If things were really being done to combat it, women would be reporting them more often. But we cannot see such incidents of violence separate from how women are portrayed in society in general. As I write I am reminded of the former Italian PM's Berlusconi's comment about Germany's Merkel, that she was an "unfuckable lard ass". Then we have another one of the world's most powerful men being a serial rapist and still free, the Frenchman and former head of the IMF, Strauss Khan.  Put all that together with the film media, the music, the way women are portrayed in ads.  What can we expect.


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