Thursday, March 29, 2012

Womens rights. Trayvon Martin.

The most recent cop video shows that the killer of Trayvon Martin has been lying as has his supporters in the Sanford police department and his father the ex judge. This video shows that there are no wounds on the killers head and no grass stains on his clothes. This is a racist crime. While it will never bring the young man back the response to this killing is increasing the anti racist movement in the country this is good. This is shifting the mood on racism to be more opposed to this divide and rule vicious ideology.

At the same time we have the increasing strength of the movement opposing the war against women. This is also being provoked by the same right wing sexist divide and rule forces who are trying to impose their agenda on the country. These forces are going completely mad.

The most recent examples of what they are pushing will ensure that they will be defeated. one bill in one state legislature wants women who find they have a fetus which cannot survive to carry this fetus until its full nine month term would be up. They want this even if it is found that the fetus would not survive as young as weeks into the pregnancy.

Then there are the other extreme right wing sexist nuts. they are arguing that a women cannot be made pregnant through rape. that the women's body secretes some sort of chemical that would be activated by the trauma of rape itself. These people are insane.

The women's, anti racist and workers movement must take these people on head on. The battle against sexism and racism is the battle for all working people. not only are racism and sexism attacks against women and minorities but they are weapons against the entire working class. they divide the working class and by doing so they weaken the working class. All working people, no matter their color or sex must take a stand against racism and sexism.


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