Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Spanish unions have called a General Strike against austerity measures. But as the commentator points out, no unions have forced governments to back down.  In Greece, the socialists have joined in bowing to the dictates of the IMF, EU and EU Commission in savaging the living standards of Greek workers.  The mass of the Greek population are abandoning these parties and the political scenery is beginning to fracture with left and right alternatives coming forward for to contest the coming elections. Greece is no longer a sovereign nation.

It will be interesting to see what happens in Spain as Union officials try to let of some steam by bringing workers in to the streets.  The problem is, like their Greek counterparts, they accept the world view of the bankers.  The workers on one nation might not be able to bring European capital to its knees, but a Europe wide General Strike would.
As we watch this video and listen to the views expressed by the capitalists, they are the same views expressed by members of this class here in the US, or in Japan, Brazil, Australia, China and throughout the world. It is not complicated math to see that there are classes in society with opposing interests. All capitalists blame workers no matter what nationality or color or religion they are. "They see things completely differently" the commentator says. Yes they do.  They see a worker as a commodity like any other. They purchase our ability to work for a period of time and they do not like that they can't refuse to pay for this commodity whenever they wish. Why should they be forced to pay for the use of a human being when it is not the most profitable use of capital?  That is not freedom.

There is such a thing in society as a class view. Not only that, it is the dominant contradiction in society, these two opposing class views. It shows that it is class solidarity that is important;  more important than national unity. 

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