Saturday, March 10, 2012

Women attacked by US right. Nina Turner responds.

Nina Turner the state senator from Ohio, partly in tongue in cheek manner, is taking the war on women to the mainly right wing white males who are pushing this war. She is introducing a bill - SB 307 - see below - that would require all men who get medical help for erectile dysfunction to have similar treatment to that now being proposed for women who are forced to have an abortion. Read the proposed bill, (google nina turner and SB 307) and let us know what you think. My companion was inspired by Nina's lead but thinks she does not go far enough and her bill should mandate that all men who seek help with erectile dysfunction should have to submit to digital rectal examinations, just like the right are trying to force women to submit to vaginal probes, that is rape, before they can have an abortion.

For the record this blog is against women being forced to submit to vaginal probes which are a form of rape and also against men being forced to submit to digital rectal examinations. But we like the Senator sticking it to the right wing mainly white male anti choice creatures.

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