Friday, February 3, 2012

Tidal wave of opposition forces Komen to reverse its decision to cut Planned Parenthood funding

The importance of the Susan G Komen foundation reversing its decision not to renew funding for numerous Planned Parenthood projects cannot be understated.

"We want to apologize to the American public for recent decisions that cast doubt upon our commitment to our mission of saving women's lives,"  We will continue to fund existing grants, including those of Planned Parenthood, and preserve their eligibility to apply for future grants, while maintaining the ability of our affiliates to make funding decisions that meet the needs of their communities." a statement from the foundation announced today.

Planned Parenthood said that the foundation had "succumbed to political pressure" after an investigation in to the family planning group was initiated by a right wing Republican who it described as "one of the most militant anti-choice members of Congress." The movement denying the right of a woman to control her reproductive rights is full of old men.

According to reports in the 1%'s media, 22 Senate Democrats signed a letter calling on Komen to reconsider its decision and the billionaire mayor  NYC Michael Bloomberg pledged $250,000 to compensate Planned Parenthood for the loss.

What we need to be very clear about is that there has been a tidal wave of opposition to this attack on women's rights which are also being eroded by Obama and his administration.  Obama said yesterday his policies are guided by his Christian faith and no doubt that will guide his decisions on the right to choose also.

When I refer to this as a tidal wave, I am not talking about the 22 Democrats voicing their opposition or Bloomberg's generosity.  It must be made clear by all workers, activists and fighters for women's rights that this reversal is due to the mood in US society against the 1%, the unelected gang that govern it. Some 250,000 members of the largest corporate donor to Planned Parenthood CREDO, signed a petition calling on the Komen Foundation to reverse its decision.  Many of these will be women of stature and some wealth.  Some may well be Republicans but these women too are victims of the attempts to deny women the right to choose and have control over their reproductive functions.

We can often be overwhelmed by the propaganda that spews every minute of every day from the 1%'s media.  We can underestimate the mood of anger and hatred that exists in US society against a system that is increasingly enriching the few as it turns millions more in to paupers. The candidate of one of the 1%'s political parties, Romey boasts about firing workers and how secure poor people are and safe rich people are as he attempts to win the support of what he terms the "middle class" and separate workers from the poorest amongst us.

The reversal of the Komen decision, the Democratic Senators opposing it and Bloomberg 's generosity reflects the anti-capitalist mood in society and the 1%'s fear that it will continue to grow and in particular begin to take organizational form; this is what the Democrats, that are the other Wall Street Party, are worried about. The Komen Foundation in its announcement states that, "We will continue to fund existing grants". This leaves it open that the foundation will not fund grants in the future and the pressure that brought this reversal about must be continued and strengthened to ensure that Planned Parenthood is not denied funding at a later date and if the mood subsides.

This decision is a reflection of the strength of the working class in this country, the refusal of women to be driven back 100 years and this cannot be understated.  It shows that the potential for the building of a national united mass movement against the 1% and through this an independent political party rooted in this movement is there.  The ideological allies of the 1% at the helm of the organized Labor movement are shameful in their efforts to undermine these developments and direct the movement politically in to support for Obama and the Democrats in this election cycle.

The Occupy Movement is also responsible for influencing this decision and should take the opportunity to build on it by taking up a struggle against the 1% not just through direct action in the streets but also in the political arena where the ideology behind the 1%'s actions can be challenged.

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