Thursday, July 24, 2014

US Wars and New York Stock Exchange. It's not that complicated.

The recent medal of honor recipient just opened the New York Stock Exchange. He is a former soldier of the Iraq/Afghanistan war. I am trying to think when a rank and file union activist, a community activist, a fighter for women's rights, for children's rights, was asked to open the New York Stock Exchange,  I am drawing a blank here. Maybe somebody could help me out. However I doubt it. Such things do not happen.

The wars that this medal of honor guy got his award for are fought to seize and hold the wealth and resources of the US corporations, to keep the obscenely wealthy members of the New York stock exchange wealthy. So they invite one of the soldiers they send over there to fight to open their exchange. They think it makes them look good. Now take note. They do not go over there and fight themselves. They do not send their own sons and daughters over there to fight. Obama did not go over there to fight. Cheyney did not go to Vietnam to fight. When asked why not he said he had other priorities. Instead they bring the token soldier to glorify their exchange.

What an obscene disgusting bunch of creatures and war criminals are the US capitalist class. And I am not even saying anything about the mass slaughter they and their Zionist gangsters in arms are carrying out as we speak in Gaza.


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