Friday, February 3, 2012

Poor and rich and Romney's foot and mouth disease.

I see where Romney has put his foot in his mouth again. Now he says he does not care about the poor. Previously he said he likes firing people. These statements by Romney are not so much because he is stupid. Even though I am not sure he is that bright. But they are because he has a tin ear for the class nature of society. He has hundreds of millions in wealth. Apparently he has already given $100 million to his sons and evaded paying tax on this. He has lived an extremely pampered life since he was born. So he has no idea how bad it sounds to poor and working class people to hear a multi millionaire say he does not care about the poor. Of course this is what his class, the 1%, all believe but most of them have the understanding not to say it in public.

Romney's statements remind me of a man I worked with when i was young and lived back in Ireland. He was a bricklayer and I labored to him. He had this question he would always play with and turn over and over in his mind and ask me to consider. Looking back now I can see he was educating me in the class nature of society but in a subtle way. He would say. "Tell me this young fella? How does this come about? That they say that to make a poor man or woman work harder they have to be paid less and this will be an incentive to them. But they then say that to make a rich man or woman work harder they have to be paid more.? It is just a mystery to me."

This is the con trick we are indoctrinated with in this country by the bosses mass media and academia and education system. The poor and working class people must get less to make the system work and the rich must get more to make the system work. Long live the Occupy movement which is rejecting this indoctrination.


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