Friday, December 30, 2011

Norman Finkelstein on the Gaza Invasion: It was no war.

This is an interesting video of Norman Finkelstein talking about Israel's Gaza invasion that it called Operation Cast Lead. I have only read one of Finkelstein's books, The Holocaust Industry, and recommend it. He has been savaged of course by the Zionists as anti-Semitic, a self hating Jew and all that stuff. I also Googled "Breaking the Silence" as he suggests in the video and read some of the stories by Israeli soldiers. Also, check out this account by a young Israeli soldier on this blog.

On a related note, I read about the harassment (by Muslims) lawsuit filed by Jewish students at UC Berkeley being thrown out by a judge who argued that even if it was true it passed as free speech. I was active during the student uprisings against the cuts two years ago and I protested alongside Jewish and Muslim students.  I never once saw or felt any hostility between the two.  I cannot say it never existed or that incidents didn't occur, but I never witnessed it--just the opposite. 

In the piece that I read a couple days ago it gave the example of a Jewish student who claimed she was harassed as she wore her "Israel wants peace" button. Well, that act in itself is harassment I would say. It would be like a white person wearing a Klan wants peace button at an MLK day rally.  There is no evidence Israel wants peace.  There is no serious evidence that Israel and its US patron wants a separate Palestinian homeland.  If this young woman was heckled it was for the right reasons, not because she was Jewish.  Jews that sypathize with the palestinian cause and are open about it would be welcomed in that movement, are already in it and playing leading roles too. Wasn't Rachael Corrie Jewish?

What sort of state can you build out of this?

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