Saturday, December 31, 2011

Terrorism by Chicago cops.

Some say the US is the most democratic country in the world. Have a look at some statistics for Chicago one of the biggest cities in the US. Over the last five years in Chicago 200 people have been shot by cops and 40% of these shootings have been fatal. Chicago is a city under occupation. It is ruled by the 1% in the Board of trade, the banks and finance houses and large corporations in the trucking and manufacturing and retail industries. The cops are the armed gang which exists to protect these interests. This 1% cannot give jobs and a decent living to the working class people in the city so to those who live in absolute poverty and alienation it shoots them down in the streets. So much for the most democratic country in the world.


Stop Police Terror!!

New Year’s Day, 2PM

E N O U G H I S E N O U G H !
Justice for Michael Pleasance, Darius Pinex Flint Farmer and all victims of
Police Terror!
Jail Gildardo Sierra

On New Years Day 2012 Occupy the SouthSide will kick off 2012 by sponsoring a rally TO DEMAND THE END OF POLICE TERROR! In the last five years 200 people have been shot by Chicago Police Officers with 40% of these shootings being fatal. in 2011 Cop Gildardo Sierra was caught on tape shooting unarmed Flint Farmer in the back. Earlier in the year Sierra had murdered Darius Pinex and shot another young man but he was still on the streets!

We will gather at the 95th street Red Line train terminal at 2pm on New Years Day, the three-year anniversary of the murder of Oscar Grant by BART transit police in Oakland, California. We stand in solidarity with Occupy Oakland, which is holding a similar action that day.

We chose to hold this rally at the 95th street station because in 2003 at this station 23 year old Michael Pleasance was killed
by a CPD officer. The UNJUSTIFIED murder was recorded by CTA cameras similarly to Oscar Grant. The officer that took the life of this 23 year old INNOCENT young man was not charged with his murder, nor fired as a cop... in fact he received a promotion just 2 years after the killing!

We say enough is enough! We will NOT stand by as our children are harassed, women raped & men jailed &/or beaten all
by the very people sworn to serve & protect us!

If you or someone you care about has been victimized by the terror inflicted under the CPD then please come out & unite with others to call for the end of the terror
campaign perpetrated in poor Black & Latino communities.

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