Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Russia Ukraine War. It's not All Russia's Doing.

Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

There is no denying that Putin is responsible for invading Ukraine. But there is more to this. I except some name calling for the title but in this conflict between US imperial interests under the cloak of NATO and defense of Europe and its weaker competitor Russia, the harshest consequences are borne by the workers of Ukraine, their youth and their communities as well as the Russian workers.

There is nothing to be gained for working people throughout the world by this inter imperialist conflict. The resulting halting of world trade and in particular the export of wheat and grains by the two countries that are global leaders in this food commodity is wreaking havoc and devastation on developing nations, particularly in Africa.  For US imperialism, the main focus is China and a weakened Russia, and the US state department has made it clear that a weakened Russia is the goal. Washington cares nothing about the consequences of this conflict on people and their communities. Let us not forget that the US ruling class is the only force on the planet that has dropped nuclear weapons on urban centers. It has dropped dioxin in the form of an herbicide on the Vietnamese people and even on its own troops.

Putin is not the only nasty bastard on this  earth.

Mearsheimer is not a lefty or a socialist. If you follow his commentaries, the working class plays no role for him. He is a bourgeois strategist and, in my opinion, a fairly  astute one. Mind you, he had better be careful. In today's US he may end up in jail with Assange, or exiled like Edward Snowden, or  a victim of so-called friendly fire like Pat Tillman.

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