Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Bent Carrot Disease: Big Pharma Has The Cure

Richard Mellor

Afscme Local 444, retired


I’m sitting here in my living room nursing some sore muscles with a hot water bottle and thought I’d check the news as there’s news reports about 4pm. I don’t normally get my news from these sources as it’s too depressing. I already heard about the mass shooting in Denver and the child shot by the cop in a changing room in a store. He shot and killed an unarmed guy threatening and hitting people and the bullet either went through the guy or he fired more than once and it went through a wall hitting the child. This is bad enough but the worst thing about US TV is the constant ads that are relentless. It’s hard to escape them because corporate news stations, while in competition with each other work in unison to get ads on at the same time so the viewer can’t easily change  channels and get relief.

I hit one channel, ABC, just as an ad came on so I switched to CBS and an ad was in process there. I thought for a second it was a food ad, why we should eat more vegetables or something along these lines. There was an image of a bent carrot and there was a website Bentcarrot.com After I started writing this I went to Bentcarrot.com and here is the ad I saw.

Within second I find that the ad is about a drug that can cure your bent penis. There are many disease in the US that the sickness Industrial Complex cooks up and apparently there’s a penis disease called Peyronie’s disease and, you got it, the pharmaceutical industry has a cure for it. We can ad this to the myriad of syndromes we have like restless leg syndrome, excessive baldness syndrome, and numerous other diseases, syndromes and illnesses. These ads always tell you to “ask your doctor about…..”. I had a retired doctor friend who told me she had a patient come in complaining about a disease she’d never heard of, the patient said she heard about it on TV.

I switched back and forth a bit and between the reports on the weather, the snow, the COVID the murders and more and learned that I should be aware of many more ailments that I should be concerned about. Medical devices I can buy that can tell me if I’m ill or going to have a heart attack. Johnson and Johnson had good advice for me and World of Well, plus I was reminded how powerful Tylenol is for my join pain.

The US health care industry is the most costly in the world and US workers get the worst bang for the buck of all the advanced capitalist countries. U.S. health care spending grew 9.7 percent in 2020, reaching $4.1 trillion or $12,530 per person.  As a share of the nation's Gross Domestic Product, health spending accounted for 19.7 percent.

If you come from Europe to the US you will notice that prescription drugs are advertised on television, something that is illegal in most countries. The US population far from the freest, are the most exploited and ripped of in the industrial world. We have the lowest expectations as well

The ads can be so pervasive one trying to watch a movie will be driven to bed by the constant interruption and at a time when the next clip is of importance to the viewer revealing the culprit, cause or ending of the mystery. It is overwhelming and insulting. One can tell the demographic of the audience simply by the ads on the screen. Older people get all the drug ones and ones about devices that can help us live a better life, from walk in baths to drugs that can give erections lasting four hours.

Naturally, all the legal bases are covered, lawyers as well as doctors are present throughout this war on the general population a war that is far more threatening than Hezbollah and they warn us of all the bad things the drug can cause and they always include death, very rare though.  This war contributes to the collective psychological maladies that afflict the entire population. It is this psychological warfare, the obsession with the sale of the commodity, any commodity, that the US population needs rescuing from.

In a post I put on Facebook today a right wing apologist for capital went on about how socialism is bad, doesn’t work (he gives Stalinism as evidence as he does not know what socialism or communism is) and how great capitalism is because it does work. The Stalinist regime in China is against billionaires he say because they support freedom.”

Freedom indeed. Having a bent penis is no big deal, we have, the drug that can straighten things out. This is evidence of how free we are, maybe Francis Fukuyama was right; this is the height of civilization. A person living in the richest country in the world can’t get decent health care, can’t even get their carrot straightened if they can’t pay for it and the parasite Elon Musk has 30,000 satellites floating around the planet. This is the best we get.

Something's tragically wrong here.

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