Monday, April 19, 2021

Minneapolis: CWA Local Union President Explains Why workers Should Oppose Operation Safety Net

If folks have read the last two posts on this blog they are about the occupation of  Minneapolis by militarized vehicles and the National Guard under the cloak of Operation Safety Net. This is what a union leader, who has the interests of working class people front and center, should be saying about it. He comments also on the use of a labor hall for the stationing of National Guard troops during this operation and the protest by rank and file union members at that hall.

The video of that protest is here and the speaker in the video above, Kieran Knutson, president of CWA 7250.  Brother knutson was at the protest and describes what actually happened and also explains the events leading up to it and why working class people and union members in particular should oppose the attacks on Cliff Willmeng, a Minnesota Nurses Association Executive Board member who was also  present and shot some video of the event. His own union's Executive Board of which he is a member had condemned his actions and have called for him to resign a position he was elected to. He and the others have been accused by enemies of the trade union movement both inside and outside our organizations of disrescecting the National Guard and those workers in uniform.

If friends, co-workers or neighbors are aware of the events at the St Paul Labor Hall and have questions about it or only read about it in the mainstream media or from right wing sources on social media please have them watch this and share it.

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