Thursday, August 2, 2018

Let's Not Forget Puerto Rico. The Russians Didn't Cause This Crisis

From Mercedes Martinez
President: The Federación de Maestros de Puerto Rico (FMPR)

Tonight was a very emotional night. Mothers, teachers and students from different schools around our country ordered to shut down, spoke about the emotional, psychological and physical effects they've faced after these announcements.

It was heartbreaking to hear mothers from poor communities, whose kids are still not enrolled in any school because the ones that remained open are overcrowded and have no room for them.
Knowing that a teacher was suicidal because she was declared as a surplus teacher and ordered to travel by ferry to another city in order to keep her job.

Listening to how children with autism that need a structure and had persevered and accomplished so much are now left without their teacher and a school. A girl who did not speak and did not show affection, and after 3 years passed she spoke words and shows her love, just gets me into tears.
Our legislators, governor, judges, Secretary of education, Control Board and mayors are responsible for this pain. They have stabbed our children's rights to a proper, free and accessible education. Shame on you!!!!!

Thanks Jia Lee and Monique for the solidarity and been here when it counts.

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