Thursday, August 2, 2018

Britain Labor Party: Drive out Zionism.

Harry Hutchinson, Labour Northern Ireland

This latest antisemitic attack on Labour, the 3rd in the last week, perpetuates the false claims that Labour is a party of anti Jewish sentiment. 

Corbyn apologized for sharing a platform in 2010 with a holocaust survivor who compared the Israel government to Nazism. This apology comes days after Peter Willsman was asked to resign from the NEC for calling those behind these antisemitic claims as 'Trump fanatics'; all in a week that Labour was criticized for not adopting the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of anti-semitism.

Zionism has infiltrated the Labour Party with the aim of quelling all criticism within the party of the apartheid Israel state. Through the Israeli Embassy in London, the Israel Government has, like in the US, infiltrated British political parties, particularly Labour.

The Israel Government fears a future Labour Government will support the Palestinian cause and oppose the Zionist agenda of suppressing Palestinians from being part of the Israeli state. Netanyahu is acutely aware of the international pressure that brought down the aparthied regime in South Africa.

Corbyn and the Labour leadership have done nothing to deal with these Zionist antisemitic claims; in fact, they have exacerbated such claims, by not making the clear distinction between being anti Zionism and antisemitism.

The Labour Leadership has not come to the support of members, like Greenstein, Walker, Wadsworth, who have been expelled/ suspended for criticizing the Israeli Government, in fact Labour's foreign secretary supported the expulsion of Livingstone, as did Lansman, head of Momentum. 

Corbyn is not the victim of these antisemitic attacks, he is the benefactor. As the Labour leadership moves to the right as an election looms closer, the leadership is allowing the massive purge of members to continue, though its National Constitutional Committee. A purge of members that according to the Financial Times almost a year ago has run to over 10,000 members. This purge is not just those critical of Israel, but socialists opposed to Trident and other left activists opposed to private health companies.

The fightback against the purges is happening, like Labour against witch hunts. This fightback must also be geared against the Zionist infiltration in Labour. Zionism has no place in the mass party of the working class. 

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