Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Capitalism Will Destroy Life as We Know It. It's No Joke.

Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

We have stressed on this blog that if the capitalist mode of production is not overthrown, it will lead to the end of life as we know it. The planet cannot sustain this system and its catastrophic consequences indefinitely.  This video presents very powerful and disconcerting statistics that confirm this view. As is always the case, capitlaism's contribution, in fact the main contributor to this savage destruction of life and the planet that nurtures it ,is absent from this analysis. How human society produces the necessities of life is not mentioned.

Feudal relations do not dominate worldwide, nor a tribal system of production where the social product is collectively owned. Global human society operates on a class based system but neither feudal nor slave. We live in a system of production in which a small minority in society that does no work owns the means of production and the labor process, including the labor power and the end product of this Fusion, the products of labor.

Production is set in motion on the basis of profit for this owning class, these capitalists who are in competition with each other and at all times with those whose work creates value and surplus value which is the source of their profit. This surplus value is unpaid and contained in the end product as those who work are paid less for the use of their labor power than the value that labor power creates. The capitalist realizes this surplus value, releases it if you like (in to his or her pocket), through the sale of the end product. This is why we live in a 24 hour never ending market place and capitalists are in a war to the death to eliminate their rivals from the game and all obstacles to this process, unions, regulations, safety rules in the workplace, environmental protection. Capital hates obstacles including national borders.

The struggle over the share of wealth created by labor power between the owner of it (the capitalist) and the seller of it, (workers), is what we know as the class struggle. There is a contradiction in this system where production is social and ownership private. It is that which will destroy the planet and eliminating it and building a democratic socialist global society and economic system that will prevent its destruction.

When we hear things like, "we" are destroying the planet, or "humans" are killing the rain forests and stuff like that, we need to be specific which humans and what system. Some humans have a lot more say in and profit a lot more out of, the present set up even though they'll all die in the long run too if the system we know as the glorious free market is not sent packing.

The capitalist class, its more astute and conscious elements of them know this, are aware that the planet is being damaged to the point that it will not sustain human life as we know it and there will be a tipping point but they cannot stop it.   They are driven by the system to continue down the road to disaster just as capitalism is continuously are war with itself and war cannot be eliminated within the framework of capitalism; it is permanently art war and nuclear disaster is another scenario that awaits us if the working class does not take control of society.

The capitalist class watches and points out the dangers and even produces great videos like the one we include here. But they still kick the can down the road. Their historic rule has exhausted any potential it had in it. It has to go if we are to survive.  If those reading this and watching this video have children or grandchildren it's time to openly recognize they have no future if you continue to do nothing.

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