Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Comment on France World Cup Victory

 From Tokunbo Oke

I have no interest in football but I rejoice with the African players that are wearing the French Jersey. The victory of Africans in France is a slap in the face to all supremacists world-wide including the block head who is currently golfing in Scotland. The beautiful game is the consummate combination of theory and practice, of thinking and doing. If the combination of thinking and doing is an indication of cultural level, then these Africans are truly cultured.
But we must reject any attempt by the French establishment, especially the current occupant of the Élysées palace, a Napoleon with dandruff, to use this to buttress their anti-racist pedigree. Too many Africans are still dying trying to cross the Mediterranean. Furthermore, we must highlight the fact that the prosperity of Western Europe is based on its control of African resources. We must also highlight the parasitical relationship that France has with Africa: a relationship with the African ruling class that contributes to keeping Africa poor, backward and dependent......

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Sean said...

Beautiful comment Comrade. It has tears in my eyes. Thank you. Sean O'Torain.