Saturday, May 26, 2018

Sikh cop save the life of Muslim boy from a violent mob

The video is not the best but this is a heartwarming story that first appeared in I've been a fan of Indian film for a long time and it's a bit like Gadar the truck driver has come to life in real time. This is what a healthy diet of Punjabi food can do for you. Religious sectarianism is poison. RM

Recently a video is making round on social media where a Sikh police officer saved a Muslim boy from the violent mob in Uttarakhand.

In the video, the officer Gangandeep Singh made an entry like a bollywood hero and saved the Muslim guy, who was allegedly found with the Hindu girl in a temple.

The video shows the Muslim boy surrounded by the mob and suddenly mob started beating him, showing exemplary courage and sense of duty Gangandeep took the target to out the guy from the mob to safety.

After the video went viral there are lots of reactions coming from the social media across the country. Justice Markandey Katju former chairman Press Council of India tweeted that “it was heartening to see on Youtube the videos of a brave young Sikh police officer, Gagandeep Singh, saving the life of a Muslim youth who may have been lynched by a frenzied Hindutva mob had it not been for the courageous intervention of Gangandeep.”

As we know the Sikh community known as for the kindness and this cop shows the tenderness and also shows the honesty towards his duty. Such sense of duty in the face of violent mobs is a rarety in India, as we usually see cops shying away from duty by simply looking away from such violence.

Apart from positive reactions from the social media some negative reactions are also coming but it’s a very few in number. However people from the different states and cities are appreciating this real hero and saying this Singh is the real king. In the past few years we’ve seen lots of lynching taking place in India and lot of police officers simply didn’t do their duty. If police officers do their duty like Gangandeep Singh probably we will not see the any such incident of lynching and mob attacks in our country in future.

Azam Abbas, MCRC Jamia Millia Islamia

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