Sunday, February 4, 2018

UAW: Rank and File Activist Group to Meet in Detroit, Condemns Racism

Please read and pass on. There is a live link to the statement in full (PDF) here.

Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

This is a good development and we thank the UAW Sisters and Brothers for taking up this struggle against racism and all specially oppressed sections of the working class, Native Americans, gays, women, LGBTQ and we must not forget the disabled and also older workers of all groups.

Facts For Working People Blog encourages all concerned UAW members and retired former members to participate. Over the past decades and especially since the PATCO strike and those that followed during the 1980's, the employers' assault on organized labor has driven wages and conditions backwards. This has been helped by the trade union officialdom's support for the Team Concept, the disastrous ideology that says workers and bosses have the same interest. While corruption is an issue in our movement, it is this class collaboration that is the root of the failure of leadership.

The present union leadership at the highest levels has the same world view as the bosses, worships capitalism and the market and is committed to helping it out with a program of concessions.  As well as confronting racism, sexism and other divide and rule tactics of the bosses, rank and file opposition caucuses must be built to campaign against the present policies of the leadership of our movement and replace them.

To read the Autoworker Caravan statement in full you can download the PDF here.

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