Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Thanks to the Immigrants in Trump Country

Below is a short but to the point account of a visit to a hospital in the midst of Trump country by Mike Sacco who put it on his FB page. It's worth sharing here. RM

I was in the hospital this weekend in rural Indiana. I arrived in an ambulance very sick and went home on the mend. All 3 doctors that treated me spoke perfect, but accented English. All of them were from Middle Eastern countries, one from Syria ( I only knew because we had similar last names and I asked him if he was Italian because he also knew my neighborhood in Chicago is near an "Italian area").

I don't know if they were Muslim and I didn't ask or care. They were the doctors that treated me in deep red Trump country. I liked them and respected them and learned some things from them. So when I see people say "get rid of all foreigners!" I ask, who will be your doctor? Especially in small, out of the way places where doctors don't become millionaires. To practice in 12 bed hospitals that are only open because Obamacare's Medicaid expansion threw places like this a lifeline.

Are their kids able to do the math and science it takes to get into medical school? Of course not, because they attend "small government" schools that teach evolution alongside creationism and are skeptical of science. So, think about "The foreigners" in your life who heal you, harvest your crops, slaughter your livestock, cut your lawn. As for me, thanks Drs A, N and B for your healing work.

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