Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Britain's Muslim Community Warned Police about Khurram Butt.

We constantly hear how the Muslim community in Britain or here in the US is not doing enough to condemn Islamic terrorism but it appears now that Khurram Butt, one of the attackers in the London Bridge attacks was very well known to the police.  As John Pickard who is in the UK writes:

"When people ask what the Muslim community is doing about 'Islamic' radicalism, tell them that Khurram Butt's name was given to the police, not once, but TWICE, by Muslims. Once in 2015 by people in his local mosque and again in 2016 by the officers of Quilliam, an organisation specifically set up by Muslims to counter Islamic 'radicalism' and one with close links to the Government and the police."

As Roger Silverman pointed out in a previous post, the attacks in Manchester and London come right before the election in Britain and the Islamists are hoping for a shift to the right as opposed to a Corbyn Labor Party victory. In this they are in agreement with British capitalism. Politics does make not so strange bedfellows when one thinks about it.

That the perpetrators in these last two attacks, especially Butt, were known to the authorities and in Butt's case as John points out above, thanks to persistent communication from the Muslim community, it does add some credibility to the argument that the British state or sections of it were not necessarily so opposed to such happenings.

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