Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Has the US Bourgeois Had Enough of Trump?

Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

I don't have cable so don't watch MSNBC but from what I gather it is a sort of liberal alternative to Fox.  Those of us that discuss weekly the events happening the US and around the world have raised, as many of you have I'm sure, the dilemma that the US ruling class is in with Trump in the White House.

The vast majority of the US bourgeois supported Hillary Clinton in last year's election, itself an example of the extreme political crisis that engulfs US society.  The two parties of capitalism could not produce a candidate other than Clinton and Trump, the two most unpopular candidates in US history according to most reports.

When Trump won, with a few rare exceptions, the US capitalist class closed ranks to defend the system, to defend the so-called legitimacy of bourgeois democracy. Many who called him unfit to govern among other things, crawled on their hands and need to congratulate him on the off chance they will get their snouts in to the public trough as well.

The Wall Street Journal and more astute strategists of capital like Peggy Noonan and others, initially called on the capitalist class and its political representatives and guardians to rally round the man and help him govern.

As it has been all long though, it seems Trump is not responsive. In Facts For Working People's small workers' Think Tank we are developing we have also tried to understand where this will all lead. Will he last? Will he be impeached? We even discussed whether or not the US bourgeois would assassinate him as this is not beyond them but considered this most unlikely as the turmoil such an action would create would destabilize an unstable system even further.

Like many, we have waited and wondered, kept our eyes on events and our ears to the ground, followed the serious journals of the 1% in the hope that would could get some sort of grasp on what long-term perspectives might look like.   I for one am still unsure and I know I am not alone.

However, with the latest remarks from Trump and watching this discussion on MSNBC, it is the first time I have heard the word "dementia" used. His comments regarding the US Civil War were likened to the comments of a five year old at one point.  While I accept this is not Trump friendly territory, it has been clear for some time that the dominant sections of the US bourgeois have just about reached their limit.

I realize that MSNBC is the "liberal" media to some but I find the tone of this and some of the refernces to be an indication that Trump will not be in the White House too much longer. I have n't read the WSJ today so I will certainly keep an eye on that important mouthpiece of US capitalism over the next couple of days. But it does appear that Trump's mental state is becoming an issue and of course, that raises the question of his ability to govern. Are they about to remove him in this way? His frantic and unstable comments are very bad for business. Capitalism does not like instability.

I do have to contain myself when these commentators seem shocked Trump would agree to meet a "dictator" like Kim Jong Un when the US allows Netenyahu, the Zionist leader of an Apartheid regime to address the US Congress and consider the heads of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States as allies.  And the Little Fat Man in North Korea as he has been called, or that repressive regime as a whole, doesn't come close when it comes to the human misery, destruction and violence the US war machine has inflicted on many nations throughout the world, presently in the process of bombing 7 of them on a regular basis.

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