Thursday, April 6, 2017

Trump upset by Syrian gas deaths, bombs are OK. Russia and US in Syria.

US war crimes in Nagasaki
Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

So Trump says something needs to "happen with Assad" Apparently, the Pentagon, that few Americans trust except when those at the "Pentagon" asks that they trust them, claims the gas attack on Syrian rebel forces that killed children is Assad's air force's doing. Not sure what should "happen" to Trump or those Americans that killed those 200 or so Syrian women and children the last few weeks, or the thousands of Yemeni children over the last year. But the WSJ reports the US military is preparing for action.

Did Assad's forces do this? Personally I haven't a clue. I don't trust any of them, the Pentagon certainly not. Trump's in trouble, the US government is in trouble. US society is in a political and economic crisis, trying to avert a social one possibly and nothing better to delay that than a nasty event.

Let's remind ourselves that this Pentagon, authorized the murder of 600,000 Cambodian civilians, mostly peasants likely, in its illegal excursion to that country. The Pentagon and its managers slaughtered 3 million Vietnamese people and poured one of the most poisonous chemicals know to us, Dioxin, over them and their food supply, as well as their own troops. How nice. The present crisis in the Middle East has its origins in US foreign policy, it cannot be solved within the framework of capitalism, not Russian, not American, none of them. Only a united, international working class movement and a revolutionary leadership of millions can solve it, and all the other crises that are a result of capitalism and the market.

Japan 1945. This will be the end result for all of us if we don't act
That the working class of Syria, and Iraq have been decimated over time through acts of horrific violence on the part of the US, Russia or their proxies, does not mean we as workers choose one or the other of two historically bankrupt forces. The European working class, the Russian, the Latin American, Indian, US, African all continents, mighty Chinese working class, the workers throughout the world must overcome the obstacles of our own leaders in the unions and so-called workers' parties as well as national borders, and enter the stage and accept the task that history has handed us. That means using our economic power, our power as the source and producers of surplus value and wealth, to end the capitalist system of production and the superstructure that supports it and replace it with a democratic socialist, collective means of producing the necessities of life in harmony with the natural world. 
Those who do the fighting, who are or will be, cannon fodder for the Trump's Obama's, Putins  and Bushes of this world, are workers. The ranks of the militaries must rise up. The alternative is not socialism or barbarism as I think Rosa Luxembourg once said, but socialism or the end of life as we know it. Your grandchildren and children have no future, consider that in a very serious way.

Frances Fukuyama once wrote of the present as the end of civilization. This slough of despond, this den of iniquity, to paraphrase the famous, is not civilization. It is that stage of capitalism that Marx forgot to mention (or did he) the stage where the capitalists go collectively mad. A whole class gone mad. Now that will be the end of human history.

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