Friday, April 7, 2017

Left Sectarianism hurts workers in French Elections.

L Melanchon and Hamon: Sectarianism  means no left alliance.
The authors on this blog have committed ourselves to openly fighting against sectarianism, that scourge of the left that does so much damage to the working class movement and the struggle for socialism.  The reader will find many, many postings on this subject on this forum.  We have pointed out how in some areas like the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago and other urban areas where there are literally thousands of people in socialist or left organizations and thousands more who consider themselves anti-capitalist of one type or another yet cannot find common ground to even run workers candidate for local office.

The short comment on the French elections below from Roger Silverman in London just about says it all.  The tragedy of left sectarianism and the obstacle it is to the fight against capitalism. We appeal to all readers of this Blog and all who are against sectarianism to contact us at Facts For Working People and let us work together. Comrades it is a crime against the movement to act in a sectarian way. But it also no help to the movement to just speak against sectarianism and take no action to eradicate it. Contact us.

Roger Silverman writes:

"Opinion polls following the recent television debate between candidates for the French presidential election demonstrate once again the indefensible sectarianism of the French left. Between them, Melenchon ("Unsubmissive France"), Hamon (Socialist Party) and a couple of minor left candidates have the support of 29% - several percentage points ahead of Macron, Fillon or Le Pen. A United Front left candidate could easily go through to the second round with at least a reasonable chance of winning the presidency. A decisive defeat for Le Pen and, still better, a victory for the left would transform the mood throughout Europe overnight."
Roger Silverman

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