Saturday, April 22, 2017

Israeli settler terrorists add their torture to Palestinian hunger strikers.

Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

1000 Palestinian prisoners are on hunger strike to protest the inhumane conditions in in the Zionist regime's prisons. There are about 6500 Palestinians in Israeli jails.

Settlers and their supporters organized a barbecue outside the walls of the jail in the hopes that the hunger strikers will smell the meat cooking. "We want the smell of the cooking meat to waft into the jail...." these terrorists claim. These settlements are illegal and many of these settlers are foreign nationals from all over the world whose claim to the land is that god gave it to them.

What sort of god would support such savagery as this?

What person who claimed adherence to the Jewish faith would not condemn such inhumane treatment in the first place and such brutal and cruel acts by these settler/terrorists in their name?  "The idea was to make them hungry"  a spokesperson for the National Union Party tells the media. Politicians of the National Union Party, a right wing neo fascists party, have called for asylum seekers (mostly Africans) to be shot.

Many prominent US Jews support the Zionist regime financially but its biggest donor is the US taxpayer.

Israel is undoubtedly one of the world's leading terrorist regimes. It is an Apartheid state backed by the US. The Zionism love anti-Semitism, it feeds off it, welcomes it as a advertisement for immigration to Israel (Jews and Christian Zionists only please) It is a curse on the Jewish people and centuries of progressive and revolutionary Jewish history. This European settler state is a curse on the Jewish people. The first British mayor of Jerusalem referred to to the creation of an exclusively Jewish state in Palestine as British imperialism's "loyal little Ulster in the Middle East".

It boils down to Jews and Jewish workers in particular,  placing the future of Jewish religious tradition on a rogue state backed by US imperialism. A false hope.

See the movie Omar for a glimpse in to how the Zionist regime uses indefinite detention to build a web of informers in the Palestinian community

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