Monday, February 20, 2017

US Capitalist Strategist calls for "Trump Doctrine."

Sean O'Torain.

Trump's foreign policy scares more astute sections of US imperialism.

Zbigniew Brzezinski is a major strategist of US imperialism. He was a counselor to Lyndon B. Johnson from 1966 to 1968 and National Security Advisor (so-called) for Carter from 1977 to 1978. He was also a founder of the Trilateral Commission. He is not a lightweight or a buffoon like Trump. Like the rest of the more conscious and astute sections of the capitalist class in the US, he has been watching the Trump regime with alarm, especially its foreign policy, and weighing up what to do about it and the regime overall.

Facts For Working People has  been saying that so far the dominant more astute sections of US capitalism have concluded that to remove Trump at this stage would be the worst of the options. It would further undermine their system, further increase destabilization of their rule. So they are keeping him in power and trying to influence and hopefully control him. You can see this in a number of ways.

 Secretary of Defense Mattis, in reality Secretary of Foreign Invasions, Occupations and World Wide Looting, has recently stated US support for NATO and also that US imperialism was not going to grab the oil of the Middle East, (well not any more than they already do.) Both of these statements by Mattis contradict statements made by Trump in the recent past. Mattis is being used by the more balanced sections of US capitalism to try and reign in Trump. It remains to see if he will be successful. If not, the dominant sectors of US capitalism might decide that Trump would have to go. One way or another. There are probably enough tapes out there to bring him down and allow them to avoid more extreme measures.

This statement in today's New York Times by Brzezinski where he calls for Trump to have a  "Doctrine" in relation to world affairs is part of this process of trying to control and guide him, trying to tie him to a coherent policy which would be more to their liking. But before going on to that, more on Bzsezkinsky's record. After Russian Stalinism's invasion of Afghanistan, Brzezinski traveled extensively in the area especially to Pakistan where he helped create the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

Brzezinski has justified US imperialism's leading role in setting up the Taliban and al-Qaeda  as it led to the military defeat of the Soviet Union and this was a major factor in the its collapse and the restoration of capitalism to that part of the world. Brzezinski is a top strategist and experienced leading member of the US ruling class. It is useful to see what he is calling for in relation to the Trump regime.

We in Facts for Working people have for some time been discussing the possibility, that in spite of their antagonisms the various major imperialist powers might try and stabilize the world again, try and build a new equilibrium of a tri-polar character. This is what Brzezinski calls for and calls on Trump to adopt as his doctrine. He writes in today's New York Times :"We may disagree with President Trump on day-to-day decisions, but we urge him to recognize that the ideal long term solution is one in which the three militarily dominant powers - the United States, China and Russia - work together to support global stability."

There is no doubt that this is in the minds of the major powers. But it is a very delicate operation. It involves changing relationships, it involves especially changing relations between the US and Western Europe. With all the major powers especially Western Europe, it involves diplomatic handling of relations between them and the other major imperialist powers and it involves doing this while the US, the major imperialist power, seeks to maintain and even expand its position. The US has held the  totally dominant position in the world for the past century. In spite of what Brzezinski says it will not find it easy to give this up. It involves it having to face up to it not being able to build a "New World Order" based on what it called "Full Spectrum Domination," where it would still be top dog. This will not be easy. It needs a much more experienced, not to say intelligent, political operative and strategist than Trump who about goes blundering and insulting the global community and stirring up all kinds of instability within the US itself.

We in Facts For Working People in our Think Tank and weekly conference calls, continually discuss what our enemy, the capitalist class and the various imperialist countries are up to. It is important to try and understand how our enemy thinks and what they are striving for. We think we are generally correct in thinking that the most thoughtful strategists of imperialism are thinking about a new tri- polar world. But we also think that this will be very difficult to achieve. Especially with a new world recession, maybe even a depression round the corner. And of course, there is also the reality that capitalism will never be able to overcome the boundaries of the various nation states. We are already seeing Western European capitalism's attempt at a United States of Europe beginning to come apart. 

There is also the new rising movement of working people around the world. This will complicate all the strategies of the major imperialist countries. And then again, we come back to the reality that we have the stupid, arrogant, Trump sitting in the White House with more access than we'd like to the nuclear codes

Be prepared for a bumpy ride.

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