Sunday, February 19, 2017

Climate Change: It is real and it can end life as we know it.

The greatest catastrophe humanity faces is climate change. We have been a short time on this floating orb. There is no guarantee that humans will not go the way of the dinosaurs. There is no heaven, no hell, just what we have. We are not "sinners. There are no "battles" between good and evil. No struggles between gods and Satan, there is just organic life. 

Human society has gone through phases, different ways of organizing our means of extracting from nature our necessities of life. We have talked of conquering nature, but we can't and why would we want to? We are but a small part of it and we have reached a level of development where we have a choice. We can function in harmony with nature and without hostility to it. Just like keeping a clean house. We have in the past, when society was organized differently and we were closer to the land. There are still remnants of this social organization left today. If anything, these cultures are in the forefront of the struggle against the social suicide the human race is presently heading toward if the production of the necessities of life does not return to a collective social function, in cooperation with each other and with respect for our environment.  Capitalism is poisoning Mother Earth and human life with it. It cannot advance humanity, only destroy it. Nature will always be here.

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Jingus said...

Humanity has been at war with its environment for a very long time. As we migrated out of Africa shortly after evolving into our present form, we started by wiping out large mammals everywhere we went in a trend known as the Late Pleistocene megafaunal extinction.

There is this concept in astrophysics called the Fermi Paradox that asks the following: with all the planets and stars out there and the sheer numbers in favor of intelligent life evolving somewhere, why do we have no evidence for it? Maybe the answer is that intelligence (of the anthropomorphic kind at least) is destined to wipe itself out via mismanagement of resources before it can ever develop enough to reach out to alien civilizations.

I consider myself an eco-socialist rather than some sort of anarchist blend because I believe the Tragedy of the Commons will still play out on a communal scale rather than an individual scale once capitalism is abolished, unless we continue to elect a higher authority to regulate our collective misuse of resources. I'm not convinced that some sort global warming crisis wouldn't also have happened had we skipped the capitalism entirely and ran the industrial revolution through socialism. We just might have been able to collectively respond to the threat faster and it wouldn't have been quite as bad as it is now.