Saturday, January 7, 2017

Mike Pence, Russians and the path to God

They're bound for heaver
Richard Mellor

Well, I caught a few words on NPR driving back from my morning coffee joint this morning. A woman being interviewed, was saying that the report that has been released about the Russian cyber war against the US that caused Americans not to vote for Hillary Clinton, did not provide any evidence as to why the CIA is so adamant that Putin orchestrated this.   Putin not only influenced the election in order to ensure a candidate the Russians wanted won, this dastardly act was also an attempt to cause Americans to lose"faith in their democracy".

This is the report that has been described as "damning" evidence of Russian interference in the most democratic, freest country in the world----a "damning report" indeed.  The woman did clarify that there was no evidence in the information released to the public but that didn't mean the "classified" version didn't contain hard evidence and that is too important to be shared with the population of the most democratic and greatest nation that have ever existed.

We all know how easy it is to manipulate the American people. They love Hillary Clinton and they have nothing but admiration and praise for government and the body politic. We here every day, especially from right wing nationalist types how wonderful government is and how great politicians are. The mind altering methods used to sway them over to Trump in the election could have damaging effects that last for centuries.

I was tuned in only for a short time but the news anchor quoted Vice President elect Pence that there has indeed been a cyber attack and as soon as the Trump administration takes office it will "aggressively" respond to it. They will do whatever is necessary to safeguard the "American people."

Mike Pence is very generous safeguarding the rights of the bosses and the 1% as a tea Bagger and right to work enthusiast. He also loves children other than those who accidentally walk in to the path of US bombs.  Like most religious fanatics, he supports the right of children until they exit the womb, potential children is his thing. “I long for the day that Roe v. Wade is sent to the ash heap of history.” he says. So he attacks the children of workers through increased austerity and the elimination of public services and working conditions won over decades of struggle against people like him which also contributes to rates as often they are the result of economic deprivation. Not being a woman or a person that has been deprived it is a truly tragic situation that people like him are in any position of leadership at all.

So I began this with the need to fear the Russians. In the last 40 year or so we have had to fear many alien forces. Communists, unions, gays, Somali Warlords, Iranian Mullah's but not Saudi Imams as they are his friends, Mexicans, and at all times black folks.

He is of course very close to god. He's a devout Christian. How a crude figure like this can claim to be a practitioner of the most revolutionary of the major religions boggles the mind. He'd have Jesus in jail, no, he'd deport him and imprison his mum.

The bond between capital and the religious functionaries that serve it has never between stronger.

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Anonymous said...

You should give the report a read yourself if you get the chance, it's not terribly long. It's mostly a tirade about Russia Today and some evidence-free accusations of state-sponsored internet trolls. You can read it here.

Those sneaky Russkies sure must have been well-trained in the art of false flagging because I can't say I recall ever noticing any suspiciously pro-Russian during the election. If only Correct The Record could have hired trolls with such nuance!