Sunday, December 18, 2016

It would be laughable if.....

Sean O'Torain.

It would be laughable if it was not so dangerous. You have the so called President elect Trump with the majority of the country's population frightened by the thought of his presidency, if he gets there. And he did not even win the vote. Clinton beat him.

Then you have the present President Obama who is so weak that he could not even take on Putin hacking the election to get Trump elected. The majority of the US population have pretty much forgotten he even exists never mind is still the President. Incredible. The authors of this Blog have for years been saying that US imperialism is in a political, economic and military crisis. This is absolutely correct.

Their proxies are getting hammered in the Middle East. They are being confronted by the giant China in the South China seas. They are being pushed back in the Crimea and Ukraine. It will not be long before their own troops begin to rebel. In fact, this has already started with some of the soldiers who fire the US drones writing to Obama demanding that this be stopped. Then there is the economic crisis to come. The new 2008 that is absolutely inevitable. This will shake the country to its core. And it will not be so easy to bail out the big shots this time given the mood of the mass of the population.

And sitting on top of all this will most likely be the moron Trump. It is impossible to say what he will do other than that he will try to ignore the lessons of the past decades which have kept the world and the USA from being blown completely apart or being destroyed completely by climate change. US capitalism is in a political, economic and military crisis and just at this time when it needs astute leadership it is likely to have a racist, sexist, arrogant idiot at the helm.

The working class leadership in the US and internationally is totally intimidated by capitalism. The result is the working class internationally is having a very hard time getting to its feet and putting their imprint on the situation. This is however what is necessary. Only the international working class taking on capitalism and moving to build a new world can avert the catastrophe that capitalism threatens. For the working class to do this a new international revolutionary socialist international of tens and tens of millions is necessary. No small task. But it is the only way.

We all have to look at our lives and work and see how we are contributing to this.


Afdal said...

Kind of disappointed to hear one of you buying into the whole Russian hacking narrative. Where's the proof? This entire thing is a fabrication for a Democrat pity party and everyone knows it. Wikileaks has an impeccable record and Assange said bluntly their source wasn't Russians. I trust them more than the CIA that lied about WMDs in Iraq.

Richard Mellor said...

I'll let the author speak for himself but from what I understand you Afdal, are referring to the specific e mails regarding the three folks whose names I am not sure of, Podesta, Wasserman and Bazile I think is close. There is no proof of this and Wikileaks has denied the source being Russia. Wikileaks has also offered to help authenticate the evidence the White House and spy agencies have.

I took the authors comments to mean hacking in general and it seems that would be a given that the Russians would be doing that.

Afdal said...

Possible "hacking" that went on during the election most likely came from the two parties' own attempts to rig it. Here's an example to illustrate: During the Democratic Primaries both Sanders and Clinton used a service known as NGP VAN to keep track of their canvassing and phone bank database. Information included whether people had been visited yet, whether they intended to participate in their primary or caucus, their preference for Sanders or Clinton, etc. The databases for primary competitors are kept strictly separated in order to ensure fairness. However, at least two or three times during the fall and winter of 2015 the barrier separating the two databases was broken.

Fast forward to primaries in states like Arizona, New York, and California. In these contentious states massive numbers of Sanders voters were purged from voter rolls or mysteriously switched to Republicans or Independent so that they were forced to vote with flimsy provisional ballots (only about a third on average of which actually get counted), if they even got those at all. There's some real malicious hacking. A few disgusted DNC insiders spilling the beans on internal politics are small potatoes compared to that.

And that's just one form. Then there's the apparent electronic voting machine hacking that went on demonstrated by wide exit poll deviations from reported results. Clinton and Trump were both big cheaters; it just turns out Republicans have always been better at it than Democrats. This whole Russian hacking business is a smokescreen to keep people distracted from our actual serious problems with election integrity. Were either party to discuss election fraud they would have to be confronted with the election fraud they themselves are guilty of.

Sean said...

Thank Comrade you for your comment on the elections and any possible intervention hacking by Putin. I believe as you say there was hacking and shenanigans by both the Republicans and the Democrats. But I have a hard time not seeing that Putin was at it also. i believe that Putin and Trump are moving to work together on certain fronts and Putin wanted Trump in. I believe that it is just about unthinkable that Putin would sit out the US elections. Just as it is unbelievable that US imperialism and outfits like the CIA would not try to influence the elections in Russia and places like the Ukraine. I believe that it is an open and shut case they organized to overthrow the previous regime in Ukraine. Why would Russian imperialism not try to get their preferred candidate Clinton into power in the USA. I have respect for Assange. However in this situation i do not understand the role he played. I feel that it is impossible for him not to have received information that would have been damaging to Trump. If he did and did not spread it why not. I do not understand that. thank you again Comrade for your thoughts. Sean.

Sean said...

Sorry typo. I meant to write "Why would Russian imperialism not try to get their preferred candidate Trump into power in the USA. I wrote Clinton . Sorry for this mistake. Sean