Monday, October 3, 2016

US war crimes in Afghanistan: The Convoy of Death

We published this three years ago. It's worth watching if you can spare the 50 minutes. I went to it again for informational purposes but is was removed from You Tube. I found it elsewhere and put it back up. US foreign policy provides the recruiting ground for all types of terrorist factions wanting revenge for the slaughter waged against weaker nations. No deals are off limits when it comes to US capitalism defending its markets abroad. As one German industrialist put it, US capitalism is "Merciless when it comes to defending its interests.".

Take the time to watch this film. Think of the courage the Afghani journalist had to have to bring this to light. The Taliban remember were staunch allies of the US. The Northern Alliance, a murderous bunch, were the stooges of the US. They picked up anyone they wanted out of the way in order to satisfy their American masters. See also, The Road to Guantanamo. To think that Bradley Manning is facing life imprisonment and Donald Rumsfeld, Bush, Wolfowitz, Cheney and now Obama  and many other war criminals are all free men. 

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