Monday, October 3, 2016

Capitalism must go, for the children's sake.

These two short videos are to remind us of a number of things. One is that we have an obligation to not be passive but concerned, critical and actively in opposition to the forces that are destroying our planet and eventually life as we know it. Why do we have children if we don't fight for a future for them.

The children in these videos are not yet aware of what the real world holds for them. They are learning as the soak up everything they see in it, learning from adults and those around them and then the older children teaching the young as well.

We are taught that it is human nature to be selfish and greedy, to "look out for number one". But that contradicts all human history which is a history of human solidarity, collectivism and cooperation. We learned long ago that as a species we survive and prosper in groups.  Capitalism is only a short period in human civilization, it is not natural to us, its selfish, individualistic ideology has been thrust on human civilization over a centuries of violence and brutality.

These children are all learning, the ones above, from each other, the one below from the adult. As parents we are have a responsibility to them. In a family of racists, a child will learn to be a racist. It doesn't always mean it will stick, but it will be a hard obstacle to overcome. Those that control the media, the education system, the means of communication, the pulpit, they have a negative influence on our children.

In that sense the education of children is not a family matter but a social one, a collective one. They shouldn't be abandoned to the whims of any human being no matter what simply because that human being fathered or birthed them.

We can learn from the children, it will help us in our struggle for a better world. We owe them that much.

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