Saturday, October 8, 2016

Trump: A man - a system - just filth.

Sean O'Torain

KKK endorse Trump. Trump refuses to denounce KKK. 

There are many issues involved with this recent exposure of the degenerate creature Trump and his attitude to women. The most immediate is to see that in spite of the gains made, sexism and male domination is still rampant in capitalism. Paid less, held down with the glass ceiling, denied control over their own bodies in country after country, women remain a specially oppressed section of society. Capitalism and the special oppression of women are inseparable. It is a fact, but one that is not much realized that the difference between wages for males and wages for females is less in those sectors of the economy that are most highly unionized, that is where the bosses are weaker. The greater the unionization the more equal are the pay and conditions. The fall in union membership has tended to increase the special oppression of women. This has only been partly made up for by the rising of  women themselves, the women's revolt of the 1960' and since. The working class movement must place the fight against the special oppression of women at the forefront of their agenda, must step up a battle to organize the unorganized to make gains against the special oppression of women. Now back to the degenerate creature Trump, back to his vicious sexism, racism, rape mentality, capitalist mentality, and actions. This creature who has millions of dollars to make his oppression and rapist attitude to women possible.  

The authors of this Blog have not supported and do not support and will not support any of the capitalist party candidates, Clinton, Trump, Johnson. Our analysis of what would happen in this election from the beginning was that Clinton would most likely be elected because the big bourgeois wanted her as she is the most experienced and stable and knowledgeable from the point of view of their class. We of course said this was not certain because of the political crisis in the US capitalist class, it was possible they would not get their way, but we have maintained our position throughout, and that was that Clinton would be far and away most likely to  win the Presidency.  She is tied into the financial bourgeois, the military industrial complex, the oil and gas industry and the so called intelligence apparatus of US imperialism. They have seen her operate as Secretary of State and they in the main feel they can trust her. The big bourgeois hold their heads in disbelief and horror at the idea of the idiot Trump in the White House. 

We also said that Clinton's election was most likely because of the crisis and splits in the Republican Party. The tape now flooding the airwaves about Trump makes this just about definite. Unless there is some way the Republican Party can get Trump off the ticket that Party will be be defeated, probably heavily, with many down ballot races also being lost. It could be a rout. The US political system which has been dominated by the two main capitalist parties could be coming to an end. A whole new era in US politics could lie ahead. A great vacuum is possible in the immediate period ahead.  We the authors of this Blog continue to support Jill Stein and the Green Party. But we recognize its inadequacies and the changes that have to be made. We stand for the Green Party to become an eco socialist party, a workers party and for its internal life to be made democratic so that it can operate as a serious party. It is not clear how the Green Party will do in this election. The argument that voting for the Green Party would risk letting in Trump is weaker now with Trumps disgrace. This would especially be the case if, as is possible the hard and most reactionary wing of the Republican Party openly broke with the Republican party maybe even formed their own party. This is possible. See the open opposition from the Trump wing to Republican party leader Ryan and other party leaders in Wisconsin over the weekend. The existence of this most backward layer must not be ignored.Sections of them are so backward and stupid they will not be shaken even by the recently exposed tape.

However if as is practically certain, the possibility of Trump getting elected diminishes, (however we have to be careful even here, there could be a lot more tapes out there and not just on Republican leaders but also Democratic Party leaders and there are the emails showing Clinton's support for the Trans Pacific so-called Partnership, however it is most likely that the fear of Trump winning will diminish. This  could possibly lead to the Green Party getting increased support, getting more support than the very low numbers it now has in the polls.However there are a number of conflicting issues and problems within and around the Green Party that have to be considered before it is seen as a serious party. This is shown by its very low support. How come at this time of unprecedented opportunity for a party as an alternative to the Democrats and Republicans the Green party is doing so bad. This is something the Green Party will have to sort out? This has to be discussed and the necessary changes made.

There is a great deal of understandable pleasure being felt now amongst all decent thinking people, especially most women, in seeing the humiliation of the vicious misogynist Trump. The vicious bully. The vicious racist. The vicious anti working class thug. The vicious degenerate who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, whose father was involved with the KKK and who himself still refuses too condemn the KKK. There will be celebration amongst the majority of women and minorities as they see this creature exposed. This is the same creature who referred to Mexican people as rapists. Yet by his own taped words where he describes his way of approaching women he is the rapist. He has a similar approach to that of the top man in the financial world who was accused of sexually assaulting a woman worker in his hotel room in New York City. This person, just a more polished version of Trump, explained that his philosophy, which he said was taught to him by his father, was that women should be approached with "firmness" (his word) and they could be made to do what men wanted them to do. By firmness he meant threats and force. By men he meant rich men like himself. This more polished Trump equivalent degenerate  got off the charge against him because he was rich enough to discredit his woman victim who was an immigrant low paid hotel worker.

This feeling of at last bringing down one of these vicious misogynists, which is especially felt amongst women, but also by sections of the male population, will want to make sure it expresses it self as fully as possible. The strength of this feeling is shown by the many rats that are jumping the Republican ship and the so called Trump wagon. Of course it was these Republicans who created the environment within their party in which Trump was able to flourish. They all knew what was going on. The opportunity now exists for a strong movement to identify misogyny as the oppressive and divide and rule weapon that it is and to weaken this ideology. It is possible to see more clearly now why Trump was campaigning against "political correctness." What he was really campaigning about was to be left alone to act and think and speak in his own sexist misogynist anti women way. Against this background it is likely that in spite of her right wing capitalist views there will be a majority for Clinton just to make sure that the stake is driven as deep as possible into this creatures and misogyny's heart. It is possible that with Trump being seen as less likely to be elected there could be a reduction in the feeling that people must vote for Clinton to keep him out, and that this could result in more support for the Green Party. However while possible this is not very likely because of the Green party's lack of a clear program and the party's chaos and un-democratic internal life which puts many people off from seeing it as a serious party.

This exposure of Trump and the large section of this rich class and the Republican Party with the same sexist attitude will have an affect on the mass consciousness. The millions who supported Trump were composed of different layers. There was a strata who followed Trump's ranting because of his attacks on so called political correctness. This was just a cover to allow Trump and others  to remain racist and sexist in their thinking while covering this up with code words or sneering at racism and sexism and trying to make out these evils did not exist, it was only about words.. This attack on "political correctness" will receive a big blow now. Trump has dragged out on to the table the worst of the language and thinking of the male dominated sexist attitudes and shown them to really exist. Especially the sexist and misogynist attitudes of the bourgeois men. Talking about grabbing women in the most sensitive and intimate parts of their bodies, in a brutal violent way to make them do what he wanted. There will be a very serious and very positive reaction against this, opposition to this. 

Many female family members who have kept quiet and let their male family members spout this sexist language and act in a sexist violent way will speak up and demand change. As well as that many people who use this language will now think about it seriously and conclude that it is not correct to use with their family members and workmates. Workmates in the increasingly gender diverse workforce will also speak up and act to demand change. As the saying goes sometimes the revolution needs the whip of the counter revolution. in this case the creature Trump's brutal crudity and rapist actions and mentality and words will make many people think about how they speak and think and act and make them change their ways for the better. More women will be more defiant and demand that sexist behavior and language is ended and it will make many more men think about how the act and speak. This will be good for society. It will also be good for the working class as it will increase the unity of the working class. It is hard to unite in struggle if men are talking about violently grabbing women and the other type of rapist language and actions that Trump, and it has to be said a large section of his class, including those at the top of the Democratic Party, use to act and think in relation to women.

The priority for the working class is to unite against capitalism. The capitalist class at all times seek to divide the working class. Divide and rule is central to their strategy at all times. Divide and rule is usually thought of as dividing workers on the basis of race or religion or nationality. But divide and rule is also based on sexism and gender. A real opportunity exists here for the trade unions and the workers movement to lead the struggle against sexism  and misogyny and for gender equality. But as usual, and it is almost enough to make any working class person and anti capitalist person despair. Once again the trade union leaders are absent. Where are these inert specimisms.  They should be leading the movement against Trump, against sexism and misogyny, and linking this to a movement for equal pay and income for all workers, equal rights including the right to choose for all women. But not a bit of it. They once again insist on remaining silent. If instead of this they took action and mobilized their 14 million members they could build a mass movement which could begin to  transform US political life. But once again ensconced in their air conditioned offices, stroked by the capitalist politicians and bosses, pocketing their high salaries and benefits, these people, this caste are absent. They allow the capitalist class and its propaganda machine and political parties to have unimpeded access to the consciousness of the working class. These people will have to removed from their positions and replaced with people who are prepared to fight the system. They are the biggest obstacle to progressive change in US society and internationally. 

As a man I was shocked by Trumps language and the description of how he used his fame and wealth to force himself on women. Remember he also used his fame and wealth to deny African American people and minorities access to his apartment buildings. But to return to my point of my initial response to when I heard Trump's words about how he treated women. I was so shocked I broke out in a sweat. I took me a moment to realize it was so bad. It reminded me of another experience recently. I remembered that highly paid degenerate dentist from here in the Mid West who went to Africa and organized to get some safari outfit to set up an animal so he could shoot it. This he did. Then he posed beside it with his high powered rifle sneering. Although I could never have done nor ever have done such a thing when I saw this degenerate killer I felt ashamed to be of the same species. In relation to Trump and his words and what he described what he did and said to women even though I never have done or said the things Trump did and said to women I was ashamed to be of the same gender. 


G de Leon said...

this will probably help Clinton more than it will hurt Trump. energize her "base" of unwilling supporters.

the problem for us is the Green Party an alternative?

you hit the nail on the head: "The lack of a clear program and the party's chaos and un democratic internal life is also no help.It is not seen as a serious party."

this lack of a clear anti-capitalist perspective has led the GP in South Carolina to endorse a pair of Demi-can candidates who don't bother to endorse Stein.

i know that many of us hoped/ hope that the GP w'd evolve into a socialist party that w'd give us a platform to interact, debate with activists from many backgrounds & movements. i attended the GP workshop that discussed turning the GP into a member driven party. the folks in attendance (around 80 to 100) certainly had/ have good intentions & i wish them luck.

but in this election, i will skip the election for the top executive office of the usna bourgeoisie. in general, i think socialists/ communists/ anarchist should run for representative office but not for executive offices.

i have not been consistent in this view and have voted for the Socialist Party presidential candidate in the past but i cannot support or vote for a party that is so un-serious that they endorse candidates loyal to one of the wall st. parties.

Sean said...

Thank you G De Leon for your comment. I would like to discuss about some ideas in relation to building an organized left in the GP. I am proposing three demands around whci i would like to discuss building such a left. Sean O'Torain.