Thursday, October 13, 2016

Trump is a degenerate but he has a lot of company.

Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444,retired

So Trump looks at a ten year old girl and boasts about dating her in ten years. But this comment was made on a CBS owned network. CBS made no stink about it it appears. It reminds me of the OJ case. All these executives and big shots in the entertainment and corporate world knew he was a wife beater. That didn't stop him running through airports for them selling their wares. Only when they were forced to did they dump him. The whole Trump thing is more about capitalist society, the commodification of everything including young girls. We all know people in power abuse people that is what the workplace is like. From workers being afraid to complain about an abusive boss or not getting that promotion because they do, or young girls (or boys) being groped, raped, sexually abused by pigs like Trump that’s what money allows one to do. Money is social power.

What civilized society would have these pageants anyway? Look at the ads for teenage girls on TV? Oppression is everywhere. Trump has made lots of money not just for himself but for TV executives, corporate CEO’s and other parasites. He was on a TV show where his signature call was “You’re Fired”. I spent my entire life defending workers that were threatened at work or were in fear of losing their jobs.

Trump is a degenerate, racist, and misogynist, not to mention a pedophile. I talked to a public sector worker that said he supported him. Some people not only lack class consciousness they have no brains at all. Trump would savage public sector workers and indeed all workers. Hillary Clinton of course is not much better except she is smarter, a more astute representative of her class. She will leave a trail of misery in her wake. This is the political crisis US capitalism is in, it cannot find a candidate it likes.

For workers we have no voice in this process. As a friend from abroad also pointed out, nor do they. As the most heavily armed and violent force on the planet, what it does affects everyone. It is even more dangerous as it's global superiority is threatened by the rise of China and Russia.

We are supposed to take the US State Department's word that Houthis fired on a US ship and now the US, along with its ally Saudi Arabia is also launching airstrikes against Yemen, the former colony of British imperialism. Yes, Trump is a degenerate thug. But it’s more than Trump it’s the rotten system in which we live and we have to change it we want a future for our children and grandchildren. A lot of the forces criticizing him now like CBS news and the other capitalist mass media have kept mum all along. They’re all guilty.

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