Sunday, August 21, 2016

Three Years Anniversary: Free Chelsea Manning

As readers are aware, we have given considerable time and space to the plight of Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning who is serving a 35 year sentence for informing the American public and the world of the crimes committed by the US military through its illegal and predatory wars, particularly in Iraq, a nation and people that never threatened or harmed the US in  any way. Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are heroic figures and workers owe them a debt of gratitude. Rumsfeld, Bush, Obama, Wolfowitz, and all those representatives of US imperialism who have cooperated in this mass murder including spying on and undermining the rights of the American people and imprisonment of Manning are war criminals. 

The  piece below is an excerpt from The United States vs Pvt Chelsea Manning, an account of Manning's court-martial published from the transcripts by OR Books. In it she describes some of her prison conditions.  FFWP also recommends reading When Google Met Wikileaks also at OR Books and The Wikileaks Files.  This book has an introduction by Julian Assange—writing on the subject for the first time—exposes the ongoing debates about freedom of information, international surveillance, and justice.  With contributions by Dan Beeton, Phyllis Bennis, Michael Busch, Peter Certo, Conn Hallinan, Sarah Harrison, Richard Heydarian, Dahr Jamail, Jake Johnston, Alexander Main, Robert Naiman, Francis Njubi Nesbitt, Linda Pearson, Gareth Porter, Tim Shorrock, Russ Wellen, and Stephen Zunes.  RM

From The United States vs. Pvt. Chelsea Manning

The United States vs. Pvt. Chelsea Manning

A Graphic Account from Inside the Courtrom
by Clark Stoeckley


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