Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Video: Sanders rally in Oakland, more young people speak.

Here is another short clip from Monday's Sanders Rally in Oakland CA. I am just putting these up to give readers a small glimpse in to what some of these young people are thinking. I think many of them are going to be very disappointed and some quite disillusioned when Sanders backs Clinton as he has promised.  Once again, here is the statement that people some from this blog put out some time back with regards to the Sanders campaign, why we do not support sanders and what our alternative has been. We would probably have updated it had we the resources but in general our position has not changed.  An alternative to Sanders and the Democratic Party

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Jack Gerson said...

Very interesting. They have total faith in Bernie. He surely has struck a responsive chord, especially among young people. Probably even Sanders was surprised by just how strongly his bashing Wall Street and the establishment has resonated. This in turn has raised expectations, and probably has led him to voice his message -- in rhetoric -- more strongly and longer than he'd initially anticipated, in order to maintain the adherence of his more militant supporters. But what will happen when those expectations aren't met? How many won't heed Bernie's call to remain in the Democratic Party? How many will break beyond the left reform coalition(s) already being engineered to be left pressure groups inside the Democrats, or perhaps "inside / outside" (running or supporting some independent or third party candidates in local elections?)